The year is 1969 and your light switch probably looked like this by maclaren1


									The year is 1969 and your light switch
     probably looked like this...

... in the future, your lightswitch will think for itself

     Meet the future. IntelliSwitch

                  What a bright idea!
        Don’t forget to turn off the lights, let IntelliSwitch do it for you!

It’s the switch that thinks for itself,
so you’ll never forget to turn off
appliances or lights again.
IntelliSwitch™ replaces your existing switches and power sockets so
you can turn off different power consumers in your home without
having to be there. Turn your hall lights off without getting out of bed,
and have heated towel rails turn off automatically while you’re at work!
You choose the default times, you might choose 15 minutes for the
iron plug, or your child’s reading light, or 90 mins for the heated towel
rail. The IntelliSwitch™ operates as a normal on/off switch if you need
it to — except that it looks a whole lot better than the previous
generation of switches.
IntelliSwitch™ comes in 5 different models (see right), so you can gain
more control over your power bills!
Don’t rely on yourself to remember– rely on IntelliSwitch.
IntelliSwitch™ Applications
    Hall light switch — set the switch to 15 minutes and have the light on
    when you need it, or for extra vision and safety when climbing into bed
    Heated towel rail — choose your default time for daily towel drying,
    or go for the automated cycle of 4 hours on and 8 hours off. See big money
    savings on your power bill, as the heated towel rail is a real energy gobbler            5 models of IntelliSwitch™ are available
                                                                                             List prices include GST
    Bathroom fan — leave it on just long enough to clear the air
    Heater socket — heaters no longer need to be left on unncecessarily
    overnight or while you’re at work, set them to turn off automatically with
    the Intelliswitch™. Safer and more energy efficient.
    Outside entrance lights — expecting someone home late? Don’t wake
    up in the morning to find the light has been on all night.
    Office light switch — workaholics beware! Time manage yourself
    with a light that switches off.
                                                                                                 Single Switch         Double Switch     Single 3 Pin Socket Fixed Wire Switch
    Battery charger socket — don’t over charge your drill batteries, let                          model IS-SS           model IS-DS          model IS-PS        model IS-FW
    the Intelliswitch™ timer take care of the recharging.                                           $79.95               $109.95                $89.95            $89.95
    Childrens bedroom — no more arguments about how long they read                                                                          also available in
    for, plus the gentle glow in the dark panel helps them find the switch at                                                              landscape format

Features:                                                                                        Ratings:
5 preset ‘on times’        Chose from 15, 30, 60, 90 and 180 minute periods,                     Operational voltage          100-240VAC @50HZ
                           4hrs on 8hrs off, or continuous stay on
                                                                                                 Load capacity                10A Resistive, 4A Inductive
Change over relay          Yes. Change over type contacts allow for reverse logic,
                           i.e. you may want to turn a light off for 15 minutes                  Operating temperature        -10 to +40ºC

User programmable          Yes. The user controls all settings and features                      Timer range                  15-180 mins (other times available MOQ applies)

Made in New Zealand         Yes. Designed and manufactured in NZ.                                Compliance                   AS/NZS3100

Fits standard flush box Yes. Replaces existing switches/sockets in the house                     Power consumption (Intelli Switch itself)        <1w off / <2w on
                        or at work
‘Turn off’ indicator       Yes. To indicate imminent switch off, LEDs flash slowly                  Distributed by:
                           at 1 minute remaining and faster in the last 10 seconds
Timer Cancellable          Yes. Can be turned off at anytime with the press
                           of a button

The IntelliSwitch™ is designed and manufactured by eSource Products Ltd - we make products
that save you power. To learn more about this product visit
eSource 82H Elizabeth Knox Place, St Johns, Auckland. Ph +64 9 527 6655 or email

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