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CGI & PERL, Intermediate                                                  Course Outlines
On-Line AL-DAT0028
Section I: Administrative Information

Course Name (Short):                                             Credit Value: 3.5
Program(s):                                                      Credit Value Notes:
Program Coordinator(s):                                          Effective Term: Fall 2005
Course Leader or Contact:                                        Prerequisites: PROG70011
                                                                 Intermediate Server Side Scripting
                                                                 Corequisites: N/A
                                                                 Equivalents: N/A
                                                                 Pre/Co/Equiv Notes:

Calendar Description
This course provides an introductory to intermediate look at the PERL scripting language. The course
content involves the development of working CGI programs that access standard text files, and covers
the creation and use of advanced programming constructs.

               Instructional Format                                Total equivalent hours
Other (please specify):On-Line Hours                     48
Total                                                    48

Section I Notes:
This course is delivered through OntarioLearn and is hosted by Algonquin College. Access to this course
is from the OntarioLearn website.

Approved by

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Name and Signature of Dean/Director or Designate                Date (yy/mm/dd)

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Section II: Course Details
Detailed Description

Explore PERL programming language. Topics include programming fundamentals, data types, control
structures, loops and I/O processing. All topics are taught in the context of the Web. Software
requirement: FTP software. This course is delivered through OntarioLearn.

Program Context

Program:          Coordinator:

Course Critical Performance & Learning Outcomes

Critical Performance

By the end of this course, students will have demonstrated the ability to

Learning Outcomes

To achieve the critical performance, students will have demonstrated understanding in the following

1. Overview of PERL programming
2. PERL variables
3. PERL programming flow control
4. PERL functions and subroutines
5. Review of HTML forms
6. Building a simple guest book application
7. PERL regular expressions
9. Databases with PERL

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Evaluation Plan
Students demonstrate their learning in the following ways:
1. Assignments – 60%
2. Mid-Term – 15%
3. Final Exam – 25%
Note: In order to pass the course, students must obtain a passing grade on the final exam.

Provincial Context
The course meets the following Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities requirements:

Essential Employability Skills: Essential employability skills emphasized in the course:
_x_     communication                  __     numeracy                      _x_    critical thinking &
                                                                                   problem solving
__      information management         __     interpersonal                 __     personal

General Education: This General Education course relates to the following themes as specified by the
Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.
 __      arts in society                             __      social and cultural understanding
 __      civic life                                  __      science and technology
 __      personal understanding

Prior Learning Assessment:
PLA Contact:
Students may apply to receive credit by demonstrating achievement of the course learning outcomes
through previous life and work experiences. This course is eligible for challenge through the following
 Challenge Exam             Portfolio             Interview                Other              Not Eligible
         __                    __                     __                    __                     __

Section III: Topical Outline
Some details of this outline may change as a result of circumstances such as weather cancellations,
College and student activities, and class timetabling.

Effective As Of: Fall 2005

Instructor:         TBA


Applicable student group(s):


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Module 1: Overview of PERL programming
      • Creating a PERL page
      • How it all fits together
Module 2: PERL variables
      • Scalar
      • Hashes
      • Lists or arrays
Module 3: PERL programming flow control
      • Language operators
      • Conditional and looping constructs
      • Simple application
Module 4 :PERL functions and subroutines
      • Creating our own
      • Using existing functions
      • Integration with third party components
Module 5 :Review of HTML forms
      • FORM elements
      • PERL and HTML forms
      • CGI review
Module 6: Building a simple guest book application
      • Files in PERL
      • Retrieving data from files
Module 7: PERL regular expressions
      • Regular expressions overview
      • Using regular expressions to manipulate data
Module 8: Putting it all together
      • Writing a full CGI application
      • Processing HTML input
      • More on modules
Module 9: Databases with PERL
      • SQL Review
      • Accessing a database with PERL
Module 10: Sessions in PERL with CGI
      • Tracking a user session
      • Keeping track of information with cookies
Module 11: Final Assignment
      • Developing a store front web site
      • Database design and integration
      • Session management with a shopping cart

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