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					                     STUDY ABROAD
If you are planning to pursue your higher studies abroad, go ahead.
There are numerous options at various colleges and universities in
various countries. For abroad study, you can try out for admission at the
various colleges in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, New
Zealand, South Africa, Singapore and other countries. While going for
study abroad, you will be able to gather new experiences and find
international standard of education. More scopes for bright career open
with the study at the various colleges and universities abroad. It is
because of the improvement in the modes of communication in the
recent       times,      abroad       studies      have       increased.

Government and non governmental agencies offer various grants,
fellowships and financial aids for carrying out the various study
programs. These are offered on the basis of merit and performance of the
students. These aids also led to the tremendous increase in the study
abroad programs. Students, at present, go to almost all parts of the world
to                pursue                 their                  education.

Important           Factors          for          Study           Abroad

While you are planning for abroad studies, keep in mind certain factors,
which will help you to plan your stay and study abroad. These factors

     Standard of education of the concerned country, where you have
      planned to travel
     Course Fees
     Cost of living of the country
     Scholarship Programs

Things to keep in mind before going for study abroad

Make sure do some prior arrangements and decisions if you have
planned your study abroad. Keep in mind certain things and take care of
the following points:

     Consult the study abroad advisor to know about the diverse
      university programs offered.
     Take assistance of the academic advisor and know the various
      types of credit that you can obtain.
     Take the help of the financial advisor to make certain the benefits
      of education loans offered for the students studying abroad.
     Submit an application for your passport and visa. Mention the type
      of visa of your requirement.
     Do some research work and know all bout the country you are
      going to travel for studying.
     Travel insurance needs to be applied for and keep in mind that it
      covers migration and homecoming.
     Plan your budget, cost of living according to your affordability.

International                                                Fellowships

The international fellowships are offered by the governmental and non
governmental agencies for the students, who are going for a study
abroad, all across the globe. These are offered at various stage of study,
which include graduate level, postgraduate level, doctorate level or post
doctorate level in various programs of study. These fellowships are
given to the students of merit and to those who have financial
constraints. The international fellowships are also offered to the bright
students to encourage them to pursue their research works.

Some of the most popular international fellowships include the

     Ameila Earhart Fellowship Awards
     Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarship
     Global Studies Grants to Support the Study of International Affairs
     The Population Council's Social Science Fellowship Program
     Charles B Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellowships
     Economic History Association Grants and Fellowships
     UNESCO- L Oreal Co- Sponsored Fellowship for Young Women
      in Life Sciences
     Fulbright Scholarship
     The Harvard University Centre for Italian Renaissance Studies
     Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships
     Phi Kappa Phi Society Study abroad grants
     Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Fellowships
     IES Merit Based Scholarships
     Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Research Grants

Scholarships                                                     Abroad

The scholarships of the students studying abroad offer prospect for
educational, professional and research development. In Australia, the
scholarships are offered by the government, home-country government
of the students, Australian education institutions and private
organizations. Some of the most esteemed scholarships offered in
Australia include Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarships and
Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarships. However, in the US,
various categories of scholarships are offered like, Merit-Based, Need-
Based, Ethnicity-Based, Institution-Based, General-Scholarships and
Prominent Scholarships. Fulbright Program, Marshall Scholarships,
Miss America Scholarship and AFLSE Scholarships are some of the
prominent scholarships offered in the US. Some of the well known
scholarships offered in UK are the Commonwealth Scholarship
Commission in UK, Overseas Research Students Awards Sceheme, The
British Chevening Scholarships, The Royal Society Fellowships, the
British Marshall Scholarships and the Churchill Scholarships.

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