PASCAL JOLIVET SANCERRE BLANC 2006 Varieties 100 Sauvignon Blanc Vineyards by sus16053


									                      PASCAL JOLIVET SANCERRE
                            BLANC 2006

                          Varieties:              100% Sauvignon Blanc.

                          Vineyards:              Exception comes from three exceptional vineyards :
                                                  - Chêne Marchand in the village of Bué,
                                                  - Mont Damné in the village of Chavignol,
                                                  - Clos du Roy in the village of Crézancy.

                          Soil:                   100% chalky.

                          Process:                Hand harvesting.
                                                  Hand selecting
                                                  Fermentation with its own wild yeasts in thermo
                                                  regulated tanks.
                                                  Bottling (with no filtration)
                                                  The bottles develop in our cellar for 1 year minimum
                                                  before beginning released to the market.

                          Presentation:           750 ml.

                          Tasting Notes:          The very intense nose develops into subtle mineral
                                                  aromas lifted by pear and citrus fruits. We note a
                                                  splendid intensity in the mouth. The mineral notes are
                                                  very present on the palate. This top-of-the-range
                                                  Sancerre originates from the most beautiful soils from
                                                  where it bears its name. This is one wine that is at its
                                                  highest expression in 3 to 5 years.

                          Food Pairings:          This wine can be appreciated with lobster, rich fish
                                                  dishes and white meats accompanied by mushrooms.

                           Service Temperature:    10°-13° C

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