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									                                                                                                       Newsletter 04 / 2007

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Dear Parents

             From the Chaplain’s desk                               Now we have started with how the College is treating itself.
                                                                    For example, are learners being bullied? Or is there social
                                                                    injustice? What this has started is a wonderful dialogue,
I read a very useful little book during the holidays. It was “The   amongst the learners. I will report back on this next term.
Five Languages of Love” by Gary Chapman, Northfield
Publishing Chicago, 2005. The author indicates how different
we are when we express love and commitment.                                                      oOo

This became clear to us as we raised our son and daughter.                    Sports and Inter House News
Our son just needed a stern word and there would be a
response, while our daughter needed a whack on the bottom           Inter High Swimming Gala Results
before there was action. Knowing which of the five love
                                                                    What a wonderful afternoon. Penryn College were the overall
languages your child responds to is very important. You may
                                                                    winners of the Inter High Swimming Gala held at Lowveld High
be using a language inappropriate and ineffective to express
                                                                    School on Tuesday afternoon for the third year running with
your love.                                                          630 points. Uplands College had 544 points and Lowveld
                                                                    High 266. For the first time Penryn won the Individual
The five languages spelt out in the book are:
                                                                    Trophies. Highlights were Dalene van Staden who won the
                                                                    Junior Victrix Ludorum. Well done to all our swimmers who
    1.         Words of Affirmation
                                                                    trained hard and reaped the benefit of their hard work. A
    2.         Quality Time                                         special word of thanks and appreciated to Mes du Toit and
    3.         Receiving Gifts                                      Ernstzen for their continued dedication and encouragement.
    4.         Acts of Service
    5.         Physical Touch
                                                                    Thank you also to the Penryn spectators who excelled
                                                                    themselves and did Penryn College proud. Your “comradery”
None are mutually exclusive, but one of these will bring about
                                                                    and inclusive attitude towards the participating schools was
a very strong response from your child. Take time and
                                                                    wonderful to watch – thank you.
experiment. Try each separately and note the reaction. Once
you find the right form of communication, it will add meaning to
your parent/child relationship.                                     Compulsory attendance Penryn / Uplands
                                                       Rev Fred     Derby Day at Penryn on Friday and Saturday,
                             oOo                                    10 and 11 March
                                                                    Please note that learner attendance at the Penryn / Uplands
                                                                    Derby Days is compulsory for all Penryn learners. Further
                 From the Head’s desk                               details will be given out next week. These will also be on our
                                                                    website If for some reason, you are
Penryn Courtesy Charter                                             unable to attend, please put it in writing and address it to me.
Under separate cover you would have had a report on how the
Courtesy Charter is being implemented in the College. I would
like to give a brief report on progress in this regard.
                                                                    Inter House Debate -
                                                                    A very exciting and verbal battle of the wits in which Shafee
                                                                    Verachia ‘floored’ his opponents with his heartfelt (and
The first value looked at was treating each others property with
                                                                    amusing) conviction which stirred the audience to his side. As
respect. The first time this was examined, there were 95              rd
separate incidents reported, ranging from a stolen wallet           3 speakers, Natasha Ashley and Tessa Ware, two Gr 8
                                                                    learners should be commended for their hearty rebuttal in the
(which was subsequently found) to the ‘borrowing’ of pens etc.
                                                                    face of stiff senior opposition.
In the next week this had dropped to 16 and then last week to
9. What a dramatic improvement! Still not there and the goal
                                                                    The winning House was Kite, with Goshawk second, Harrier
will be 0, but things are improving.
                                                                    third and Kestrel fourth.
The first manner we look at was the greeting of outsiders to
the College. After a fairly dismal start, we started getting        Van Wettens Nite Race
wonderful feedback on how things have improved. Importantly         A group of 35 Penryn learners and staff participated in the Van
we have instituted a SMS reporting system for Orchards &            Wettens Nite 3, 5 and 10 km Race at LVCC last Wednesday.
Onions. Please tell us how the learners are doing. The              Those that completed the race were awarded medals at the
cellphone number is 0734407576. (Please note that this is for       end. The next race will be held next Wednesday night. Good
SMS only).                                                          luck to all participants.
Congratulations to:                                                                         Open Day
•   The following swimmers who are Junior National
    Qualifiers and will represent Mpumalanga – Megan                We will be hosting OPEN DAY for potential high school
    Bremner, Rochelle Grobler, Sammy Hammond,                       learners on Saturday, 10th March from 09h00 – 11h30. All
    Dalene van Staden, Kara Burger, Peet van Staden and             interested parents and learners are to meet in the reception of
    Byron Bremner                                                   the Enos Mabuza Admin block where tea will be served on the
                                                                    verandah. The assessment of prospective learners will be
•   The following learners who will be participating in the SA      written at 10h00 in the Conference room. If you know of
    Biathlon Championships as representatives of                    anyone who would like to enroll as a pupil at Penryn, please
    Mpumalanga – Dalene van Staden, Sammy Hammond,                  encourage them to contact Mrs Liesl Scheepers for further
    Michael Ferreirinha, Brandon Whitaker, Coert                    details.
    Jordaan, David Ferreirinha

                         PPA news                                                       Dates to diarise
                                                                    5 March           PPA meeting (18h00)
Congratulations to Mrs Dianne Jordaan who has been                  9-10 March        Penryn / Uplands Derby
nominated to fill the portfolio of Building Maintenance on the      10 March          Open Day
PPA. Thank you for your willingness to serve on the PPA.            11 March          Family Service (17h30 – 18h30)

Barn Dance
The PPA would like to invite all parents and learners to join
them at the Barn Dance social on Saturday, 3 March starting
at 6h30 p.m. in the Community Hall. A professional ‘caller’ will
be on hand to lead us through the dances. Bring the family
and a picnic basket, dress up in your Western gear, and join in
the fun. Tickets at R50 for adults and R20 for learners.
These are available at reception and will be sold at the door.

Penryn Press
Request to all Penryn parents and avid photographers –
please let us have copies of any and all digital photographs
that are Penryn related, preferably put onto a cd, or emailed to
Vanessa G-Borrageiro at CD’s can be
left at reception with Liesl, marked for Vanessa’s attention with
your name and contact details clearly marked on the CD.
Please note if you would like it returned to you


Greg Theron

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