Mark it in your calendars- Saturday June 2nd! by cln12100


									                                                                                                                  May 2007

Page 1: Commodore’s Message   Commodore’s Message
Page 2: Social Column         The docks are gradually beginning to look lived in again by the time you read this the season will
                              be well underway. Work parties have been organized to get Stelten up and running, Shelley has
Page 3: Shellbacks            produced a wish list and VC Ken Wood is doing his best to comply! The Sail Training work
                              parties have been well attended; there is always a need for more participation to spread the load.
Page 4: Racing This Year
                              Our Regatta schedule starts with the Lilac on Mothers Day weekend; this should get the rust off
Page 5: Flotsam & Jetsam      things and get the season off to a great start.
Page 6: Dispatches
                              Your Bridge and Board under the tutelage of Michael Cox is in the throes of a Strategic Planning
Page 7: Mother’s Day          process. This has been a great exercise and the end result will be a vibrant Club with all members
                              pulling in the same direction, with a set of common goals. You will have seen signs of this process
Page 8: Waterfront Article
                              coming into effect in all aspects of the Club operations. I encourage you to join a committee and
Page 9: From VC Yachting      become a part of this important process. Let me know of your specific interests and I will line you
                              up with a committee.
Page 10: May Calendar
                              Sailpast is June 2nd; we have a great day planned. Please make sure that your calendar is marked
                              and bring your friends to help celebrate the official opening of the sailing season.

                              The Officer of the Day Program is being reinstated effective Sail Past and will run until the Turkey
                              Regatta. It will cover Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. Amy has set up a roster and you will be
                              notified when your duty is. Essentially you are the ambassador of the Club to all visitors when you
                              are on duty. I always enjoyed the duty, you meet some fascinating people!
                              See you at the Club.

                              Rodger Metcalfe

                               Sail Past 2007
                               Mark it in your calendars- Saturday June 2nd!
                               Get your whites ready and your best duds pressed for this an-
                               nual day celebrating the club, its members and the joys of the
                               official start of the season.
                               Anyone needing to dress up their jackets or caps can acquire
                               crests through the office. And don’t forget- nothing looks nicer
                               during Sail Past than a nice new burgee flying on your boat-
                               also available at the Club.

       The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club • Foot of MacNab Street North • Hamilton • Ontario • Canada • L8L 1H1
                        phone: 1 (905) 528-8464 • fax: 1 (905) 528-2622
   Page 2                     Social Column
                                                                                                   The Royal Hamilton
                              We clanked our glasses and shouted at last, only 65 days until
                              Sailpast! The unofficial salute to our Commodore saw some
                                                                                                       Yacht Club
                              frightfully white legs and wrinkled Hawaiian shirts. Thanks         Council Of Flag Officers
                              Rodger for being such a good sport.                                          Commodore
                                                                                                          Rodger Metcalfe
                                                                                                     Vice Commodore Yachting
                                                                                                            Tom Nelson
                                                                                                 Vice Commodore Docks & Boats
                                                                                                          Kenneth C. Wood
Page 1: Commodore’s Message                                                                   
                                                                                                Vice Commodore Pool and Grounds
Page 2: Social Column
                                                                                                          Larissa Anderson
Page 3: Shellbacks                                                                           
                                                                                                  Vice Commodore Sail Training
Page 4: Racing This Year                                                                                Susanne Broe Vayda
Page 5: Flotsam & Jetsam
                                                                                                     Vice Commodore Social
Page 6: Dispatches                                                                                           Robin Perry
                              The Easter bunny made an appearance again this year for our    
Page 7: Mother’s Day          kids Easter party. Glitter, glue, fun games and hoards of candy
                                                                                                         Past Commodore
                              seemed to rule the day. Thank-you to Anna Fricker and Leslie
Page 8: Waterfront Article                                                                                   Paul Vayda
                              Hynd for all of your help.
Page 9: From VC Yachting
                                                                                                    Board of Directors
Page 10: May Calendar                                                                                        President
                                                                                                            Martin Lipp
                                                                                                          Vice President
                                                                                                            Russ Perry
                                                                                                       K. Brent Livingstone
                                                                                                         George D. Armour
                              The Commodore’s Ball was a complete success. Who knew
                                                                                                    New Member Committee
                              Al even had a suit!! Look in next months Horizions for some              Gabrielle DiFranceso
                              great pictures.                                              
                              Robin Perry                                                             Technical Committee
                              VC Social                                                                      Al Molloy
                                                                                                        Directors at Large

                                          Regent Health &                                                  David Vollans
                                                                                                 Len Verhey and Janina Vanderpost

                                         Chiropractic Centre                                            Debenture Trustee
                                                                                                         Robert Whitmore
                               Dr. Jim Lamontagne, B.Sc., D.C.                        Past President
                               Dr. Kathryn Wheatley, B.Sc., D.C.                     James Bursey
                               150 Locke Street South                                                   General Manager
                               Hamilton ON L8P 4A9                                                        Walter Vaters
                               905 523 4999                                                    

      The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club • Foot of MacNab Street North • Hamilton • Ontario • Canada • L8L 1H1
                       phone: 1 (905) 528-8464 • fax: 1 (905) 528-2622
   Page 3
                              Mitchell Gibbs is one of the owners of Team-1 Environmental Services Inc. in Hamilton, a company
                              that responds to spills in the water, on the road or rail. Recently Team 1 has been responding to more
                              and more marijuana grow ops and environmental cleanups. Mitchell shared some the important and
                              scary details of these very dangerous and illegal hazards happening right in our own neighbourhoods.
                              His talk focused on the grow-ops because they are such a huge problem all across the country. At the
                              time of his visit he was involved with the cleanup of 49 apartments in 3 buildings in Stoney Creek.
                              The bad guys, as Mitch calls them, can make huge amounts of money in a very short time and even
                              if they go to jail for a short time, the money makes it worth while. The bad guys have no regard for a
                              neighbourhood and they can afford to rent expensive large homes in nice areas.
Page 1: Commodore’s Message
                              To grow marijuana, high humidity and light is necessary. Illegal connections are made to the electricity,
Page 2: Social Column         often bypassing the meter and the moisture created can ruin a home. The mould created is extremely
                              toxic and the severity of the mould is not always immediately visible. Usually timers are set up for the
Page 3: Shellbacks
                              lights, windows are covered so that no one can look in and fans vent excess humidity through screen
Page 4: Racing This Year      doors or chimneys. In many cases the house is often booby trapped and frequently fire is a result.
Page 5: Flotsam & Jetsam      The police are now discovering that for every grow op found there are another 100 more. The police
                              are attempting to get more media attention and in some areas will even put a sign in front of a house,
Page 6: Dispatches
                              after the seizure, so that the residents know that a grow op was operating on their street.
Page 7: Mother’s Day
                              As well as grow ops, meth labs are set up to manufacture illicit drugs. When the police find the lab,
Page 8: Waterfront Article    usually nothing is labeled and there can be up to 300 chemicals used in the preparation of each drug.
                              Explosions often are the result.
Page 9: From VC Yachting

Page 10: May Calendar
                              The persons operating these labs or grow ops have total disregard for the community and the law and
                              are creating a huge problem for society.

                              Coming speakers include:

                              May 3 – Robert Jarvis “The Last Viking”
                              May 17- Carol Culhane “Truth and Fiction
                                                     about Trans fats”
                              June 7 – Cindy Brown “Cindy’s Visit to
                                                    Sri Lanka with SCAW”               A.M. ROOFING SYSTEMS INC.
                                            Special Offer
                                                                                             FLAT AND SHINGLE ROOF
                                    The 2007 CYA Nationals have secured a
                                   special WestJet discount for friends, family,                   SPECIALISTS
                                         competitors and club members.                       QUALITY WORKMANSHIP
                                                                                          LICENSED AND FULLY INSURED
                                  Anyone traveling by WestJet to Hamilton or
                               Toronto from Canadian cities and returning within
                                       the prescribed dates will receive a
                                   10% discount off of the best WestJet rate.           W.E. (Ed) JOCELYN
                                                                                                 Fax: 905-522-5911
                                                                                                  260 Burlington St. East
                                 The travel period is August 6 to 18, 2007. Visit
                                                                                                  Hamilton, On L8L 4H4
                        for details.

      The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club • Foot of MacNab Street North • Hamilton • Ontario • Canada • L8L 1H1
                       phone: 1 (905) 528-8464 • fax: 1 (905) 528-2622
   Page 4
                              So You Are Racing This Year!
                              Vice Commodore Tom Nelson has already welcomed you to watch for the first Warning Signal of
                              the season and has made some kind comments about the dedication of those who serve on the Race
                              Committee and who run the races in such a professional manner.
                              As a racer there is a good probability that you will be asked to serve one or two tours of duty on the
                              RC boat “Stelten”, not an onerous chore, but the opportunity to learn a different aspect of our sport
                              or to hone your skills gained in previous years. It has been noted that some newcomers to the duty
                              have been quite apprehensive of what their new tasks will entail, simple as they are. This year to
                              help allay any concerns you might have, an informal seminar has been planned for all interested, to
                              provide a low key introduction to what starting and finishing races is all about. You don’t have to be
Page 1: Commodore’s Message   a sailor, or a racer to attend, all will be welcome.
Page 2: Social Column         The seminar will be held in the second half of May on a weekend afternoon at the club. Details
                              will be posted closer to the actual date. This will be an introduction to race management, no test,
Page 3: Shellbacks            no certification, just a chance to ask all those questions you might have, get an idea of how races
Page 4: Racing This Year      are started and finished, find out who does what on Stelten, and what you might be asked to do. If
                              you are a new club member and would like to get involved in a really rewarding activity you will be
Page 5: Flotsam & Jetsam      most welcome.
Page 6: Dispatches            If you are interested in attending please call Amy Klokoff or sign up on the list in the clubhouse.
Page 7: Mother’s Day          Further details will be announced when we have an idea of how many plan to join us for what will
                              certainly be an interesting and fun get together
Page 8: Waterfront Article
                              Bill Cheek, Past Commodore
Page 9: From VC Yachting

Page 10: May Calendar
                                                                   905-531-4877 (cell)

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                                                                                   & Handyman Services

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                                The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club
                                  (1888) and is published ten
                                         times per year.
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                                New Horizons Issue is May 15.
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                                     Editor: Sheri Woods

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   Page 5
                              Flotsam and Jetsam
                              General Manager’s Message
                              May 2007
                              The real “Spring” has finally arrived. With sunny days and unseasonably high temperatures, the
                              race to get in the water has finally begun. That said, please be sure to pick up your slip stickers for
                              your vessels at the office from Wally or Amy. These will be required and will be monitored
                              throughout the season. As well, as we start launches for the RHYC fleets, please be sure to review
                              the Dock line policy issued to all slip holders. The boat you may save may not just be your own.
                              As warmer weather is upon us, we’ve seen a flurry of our committees preparing the grounds, pool
                              and the committee and training boats for the season. If you have some time to lend a hand, your
Page 1: Commodore’s Message   offer will never be refused.
Page 2: Social Column
                              Fine dining Fridays will be continued throughout Spring and Summer; these have been successful
Page 3: Shellbacks            throughout the winter months and will serve to meet the needs of our members who have faithfully
                              supported it throughout. Pub Nights will continue as well- so while racers are busy on the water,
Page 4: Racing This Year      they’ll be greeted on return by their adoring fans.
Page 5: Flotsam & Jetsam
                              In April the Club featured some wonderful events- the Kids’ Easter Egg Hunt, a fabulous Easter
Page 6: Dispatches            Brunch, the New Members Reception and of course the fantastic Commodore’s Ball! A great deal
                              of thanks is extended to the Social & Entertainment Committee and the staff for making this, and
Page 7: Mother’s Day          many great events, happen.
Page 8: Waterfront Article
                              By now, many of you have received your new 2007 Membership cards, if you haven’t please
Page 9: From VC Yachting      contact me immediately. These cards can and will be requested by staff at times during
                              service- please consider it a security and safety feature, value added as part of your membership
Page 10: May Calendar         benefits. For those who currently have or wish to sign up for Signature on File (SOF), be sure to
                              see Belinda or Wally to arrange this for you. Be sure your information is current and active to
                              avoid a disruption to service. Under direction from the Finance Committee, member tabs without
                              this SOF feature, are not permitted and will not be extended.
                              On another front, some of you may have noticed signage indicating that guests and visitors are to be
                              signed in by a member. While unfortunately this has not been a practice for some time, it is required
                              by our current Liquor license as a private club. The
                              staff will try to ensure this is regulated as much as
                              possible, but responsibility also lies with the
                              membership to be sure this becomes standard. This
                              is a great way to make your guests feel special, so
                              use it to your advantage to enhance the value of
                              ownership as members in the Club.
                              Coming in May:
                              May 8th is National Teachers Day- so we will be              Serving Hamilton for
                              celebrating with an Open House Event and                        over 30 years.
                              Reception, members are encouraged to come out             Custom fabrication and
                              and say hello and discuss the many features of our               repair.
                              Club. If you haven’t booked yet, don’t delay-
                              Mother’s Day brunch will be a sold out event.
                                                                                             Dodgers, Biminis,
                              The Lilac Regatta happens May 12th and 13th.                 Enclosures, Cushions
                              This is a huge event, so be sure to take part                    and Covers.
                              wherever you can, to lend your support.                         38 Bigwin Road, Unit 8Hamilton,
                                                                                                       ON L8W 3R4
                              See you at the Club!                                                     905-544-8547
                              Wally Vaters

      The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club • Foot of MacNab Street North • Hamilton • Ontario • Canada • L8L 1H1
                       phone: 1 (905) 528-8464 • fax: 1 (905) 528-2622
   Page 6                     Dispatches from the Jury Boat
                              By Kathy and Leo
                              This month we’ll take a look at two incidents involving rule 18.3 (tacking at a mark).
                              After Red completed a tack within the two-length zone, she was directly clear ahead of Blue. Red was far
                              enough above the layline that Blue could pass between Red and the mark. Blue bore away and became
                              overlapped to leeward of Red. Blue immediately luffed and there was contact between the boats. Blue
                              protested. How should this protest be decided?
                                                                                    When Red completed her tack inside the two-length
                                                                                    zone, she put herself in a vulnerable position. When
                                                                                    Blue becomes overlapped inside her, Red must not
                                                                                    only give Blue room (rule 18.3(b)), she must also keep
Page 1: Commodore’s Message
                                                            3                       clear because she is now to windward of Blue (rule 11,
Page 2: Social Column                                                               on the same tack, overlapped). Because Red completed
                                                                3   2               her tack inside the two-length zone, Blue may estab-
Page 3: Shellbacks                                                                  lish an overlap at a minimum distance because rule 15
Page 4: Racing This Year                                                            (acquiring right of way) does not apply. (When rule
                                                                             2      18.3(b) applies, rule 15 does not apply).
Page 5: Flotsam & Jetsam
                                                                                                   Although rule 15 does not apply, rule
Page 6: Dispatches                                                                                 16.1 (changing course) does apply to
                                                                1   Red             Blu
                                                                                      e   1
Page 7: Mother’s Day                                                                               Blue once she became the right-of-way
                                                                                                   boat overlapped to leeward of Red.
Page 8: Waterfront Article
                              Blue’s abrupt luff deprived Red of room to keep clear, therefore Blue broke rule 16.1. Because there was
Page 9: From VC Yachting
                              contact, it must be determined if either boat broke rule 14 (avoiding contact). It would have taken very little
Page 10: May Calendar         effort for Blue to avoid contact by either holding her course or bearing away, therefore she broke rule 14. It
                              was not reasonably possible for Red to avoid contact, therefore she did not break rule 14.
                              Red broke rule 11, but was compelled to do so by Blue’s breach of rules 14 and 16, therefore Red is
                              exonerated under rule 64.1(b) (decisions, penalties and exoneration). Blue can only be penalized for
                              breaking rule 14 if the contact resulted in damage or injury. In any event, Blue is disqualified for
                              breaking rule 16.1.
                              Green and Purple were approaching the windward mark overlapped on port tack. Purple tacked, then
                              Green tacked, completing her tack within the two-length zone. Purple was then overlapped to leeward
                              of Green. Green luffed and Purple bore away to avoid Green’s
                              swinging stern, but touched the mark as a result, and
                              protested Green. Green counter-protested claiming that
                              as an inside overlapped boat, she was entitled to room
                              to pass the mark. How should this protest be decided?
                              In position 1, rule 18 does not apply because the
                              boats are not about to round the mark. After Purple                                  4
                              passed head to wind in position 2, the boats were on
                              opposite tacks on a beat to windward, so rule 18 did                                                 3
                              not apply. Green’s claim for room as the inside boat
                              fails because during the time she was overlapped inside
                              Purple, rule 18 did not apply.
                              When Green passed head to wind between positions 2 and 3,
                              both boats were on starboard tack and were about to round the
                              mark, so rule 18 now begins to apply.
                              (continued on page 9)
                                                                                                               1   Green

                                                                                                                                       1      pl
                                                                                                                                           Pur e

       The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club • Foot of MacNab Street North • Hamilton • Ontario • Canada • L8L 1H1
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   Page 7

Page 1: Commodore’s Message

Page 2: Social Column
                                                  Mother’s Day Brunch
Page 3: Shellbacks                     Join us for a spectacular Sunday Brunch buffet on this
Page 4: Racing This Year                                 very important day.
Page 5: Flotsam & Jetsam      Traditional brunch fare and specialty house creations will ensure everyone is well fed
                                              and the best part- no dishes for you to worry about!
Page 6: Dispatches
                                        We even have a special gift for Mom to take home!
Page 7: Mother’s Day
                                                        Musical accompaniment from
Page 8: Waterfront Article                             Classical Guitarist Kaz Simaitis
Page 9: From VC Yachting                            Book now to avoid disappointment.
Page 10: May Calendar              Members just $28 (Non members and guests $35) plus gratuity and taxes,
                                                       Children under 12 half price.
                                                         Children under 5 are free
                                                         48 hour cancellation policy in effect
                                                        SUNDAY MAY 13th, 2007
                                                     Sittings at 11:00 am and 1:30pm

                                     Thinking of buying or selling a home?

                                  I Can Help!
                                  Call me at: 905-522-1110
                                  Cell: 905-520-8913
                                  Look to COLDWELL BANKER to
                                  deliver the services you need when                                   Diane J. Brown
                                                                                                           Sales Representative
                                  buying or selling a home.
                                  795 Main St. W., Hamilton                                               Pinnacle Real Estate
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                                                                                                     Expect the best.

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   Page 8                     Can anyone bail me out?                                Volunteers For Committee Boat
                              The work parties have started pretty much              With the racing season approaching it is time
                              everywhere around the club and our Junior              to ask for volunteers to help on the committee
                              Spring Training program has already been out           boat. I would appreciate hearing from anyone
                              sailing. It is almost like summer is only a few        interested in doing this, both on Thursday
                              months away. Wait a minute, it is. Oh, in that         evenings and on weekend regattas. Volunteers
                              case I have a bit of a dilemma and a plea to our       are not expected to be on board every week
                                                                                     and we can accommodate your schedule. No
                              membership. Our sail training program is in need
                                                                                     experience is necessary as we will have on the
                              of bailers. That is right manual bailers. I am         job training.
                              certain we are going to go through a few this
                              summer. So if you have a one, two or three empty       Please call me at 905-648-6019 or send
                              bleach bottles or laundry detergent bottles that       an e-mail to
Page 1: Commodore’s Message   are almost empty instead of throwing them in
Page 2: Social Column         the recycle bin can you please bring them down
                              to the club and bail me out? I am sure I will not
Page 3: Shellbacks            wash that much laundry over the next few months
Page 4: Racing This Year      alone to re-stock our supply. You can drop them
                              off to the office or the bar and just mention “you
Page 5: Flotsam & Jetsam      are bailing Amy out” they’ll understand. I will
Page 6: Dispatches            greatly appreciate all your donations. Besides
                              what good is a scared sailor without a manual

                                                                                       BAY SAILS
Page 7: Mother’s Day          bailer? An, unproductive one at best!
Page 8: Waterfront Article    Special Note: be sure to check out the insert to
Page 9: From VC Yachting      the list of “Officer of the Day” schedule. Remember
                              this is a great way to welcome visiting boaters to
                                                                                       CUSTOM SAIL MAKERS
Page 10: May Calendar         the club and make new friends. If you are unable
                              to make the shift we have volunteers the member-         EXPERT REPAIRS TO SAIL AND CANVAS
                              ship at random for, it is your responsibility to get     HARKEN FURLING
                              a replacement and notify the office prior to your
                                                                                        469 BAY STREET NORTH,
                                                                                        HAMILTON, ONTARIO L8L 1N2
                              Amy Klokoff                                               905-529-7245
                              Waterfront Programs Manager                               FAX: 905-529-7248

                                                                                         G. P. Freeland
                                    Kazimieras (Kaz) Simaitis
                                                                                      Insurance Services
                                     CLASSICAL                                       Auto     Home        Boat       Business

                                     Performance and Lessons

                                                                                           Call Phil for a
                                                                                         Quote on your boat!
                                                                                             67 Middletown Road,
                                             T: 905 574 1651                                 Dundas, ON L9H 5E2
                                       E:                               905-627-0917

       The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club • Foot of MacNab Street North • Hamilton • Ontario • Canada • L8L 1H1
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   Page 9
                              From VC Yachting
                              Well it is that time of year again. The boat is polished and looking fast, the new sails have arrived
                              and the crew is itching to get out on the race course. It is time for the race season to take flight. On
                              Tuesday the 7th of May RHYC and BSBC racers will begin the 2007 season of speed tactics. I
                              speak of course of race night. If you have not registered for the racing season please contact Wally
                              Vaters or myself and fill out the appropriate forms available online or at the bar.
                              And then with a few races under your belt you will want to show off your skills and work to the
                              club. What better way then to take part in Sail Past, RHYC’s grand opening celebration of another
                              great sailing season. Saturday June 2nd is approaching fast and the more boats the merrier so be
                              sure to arrange a crew and make an appearance.
Page 1: Commodore’s Message
                              This is the clubs true celebration of sailing so be sure to show your spirit.
Page 2: Social Column
                              Sail Hard………RACE HARDER!!!
Page 3: Shellbacks
                              Tom Nelson
Page 4: Racing This Year      VC Yachting
Page 5: Flotsam & Jetsam

Page 6: Dispatches
                              Dispatches from the Jury Boat
                              (continued from page 6)
Page 7: Mother’s Day          Because Green’s tack was completed inside the two-length zone and Purple was fetching the mark,
Page 8: Waterfront Article    rule 18.3 is the applicable rule, specifically rule 18.3(b) because Purple became overlapped inside
                              Green as a result of Green’s tack. Green was obligated to give room to Purple to pass between her and
Page 9: From VC Yachting      the mark by rule 18.3(b) and to keep clear of Purple by rule 11. Green did not have the protection
Page 10: May Calendar         of rule 15 for Purple to initially give her room to keep clear when the overlap began, because rule
                              18.3(b) turns off rule 15.
                              Unlike the incident between Blue and Red above, rule 16.1 was not broken because Purple’s change
                              of course was to comply with rule 14 (avoiding contact) and did not deprive Green of room to keep
                              clear. Purple could not sail her course without the need to take avoiding action, therefore Green did
                              not keep clear breaking rule 11, and did not give Purple room breaking rule 18.3(b). Purple broke
                              rule 31.1 by touching the mark, but is exonerated because Green’s breach of the rules compelled
                              Purple to touch the mark. Green is disqualified for breaking rules 11 and 18.3(b).


                                                                                   1-50 Grand River Street N.
                                                                                   Paris, Ontario
                                                                                   Canada, N3L 2M2

       The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club • Foot of MacNab Street North • Hamilton • Ontario • Canada • L8L 1H1
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                                         May 2007
     Sunday                 Monday        Tuesday             Wednesday             Thursday            Friday             Saturday
                                     1                   2                     3                 4                    5
                                       ASRAE -           BNI Evergreen AM        Shellbacks            Evergreen           Evergreen
                                       Evergreen         Board Rm. Event AM        Pilates            Event at Noon       Event at Noon
                                       Event PM          Evergreen Event PM
                                                                                Pub Night w                           Boardroom - all
                                     Boardroom PM
                                                         Past Commodore’s       Bruce Bros                              day event
                                      Bridge MTG
                                                               Lunch           Board Rm. AM

 6                     7             8                   9                     10                11                   12
     Boardroom - all                 National Teachers       Boardroom - all         Pilates                                LILAC
       day event                     Day - Reception           day event            Pub Night                              REGATTA
                                     and Open House

 13                    14            15                  16                    17                18                   19
       LILAC                          Boardroom - all        Evergreen Event        Shellbacks
      REGATTA                           day event               at Noon
     Mothers Day                      Evergreen Event        Boardroom - all       Pub Night w
       Brunch                               PM                 day event           Bruce Bros

 20                    21            22                  23                    24                25                   26
                                     Boardroom - all         Evergreen Event                                          Evergreen Event
                                       day event                   PM                                                    at Noon

                                                                                                                          VHF Course

 28                    29            30                  31
                                     Boardroom - all         Boardroom - all
                                       day event               day event

                                     Evergreen Event         Evergreen Event
                                           PM                      PM

                                         RHYC EVENTS & HIGHLIGHTS
                                               MOTHER’S DAY BRUNCH
                                              May 13th 11am & 1:30pm Sittings
                                                     LILAC REGATTA
                                                     MAY 12th and 13th
                                                    May 3rd- Thomas Jarvis
                                                   May 17th- Carolo Culhane
                                                     PUB NIGHTS
                                          Bruce Brothers play May 3rd and 17th
                                                  FINE DINING FRIDAYS
                                                      Starting at 6pm

The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club • Foot of MacNab Street North • Hamilton • Ontario • Canada • L8L 1H1
                 phone: 1 (905) 528-8464 • fax: 1 (905) 528-2622

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