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									                                             Volume 7, Issue 1
                                                                                           Mark Your Calendars-January 19, 2010
                                                January 2010
                                                                                           Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 19, 2009                             PDH Stamp
                                                                                           Speaker 1: Jeff Harrington

                                                                           CSRA Chapter
                                                                                                     The Harrington Group
                                                                                           Topic 1 “Overview of Changes Coming o
                                                                                                     NFPA 2001, ‘Standard on Clean
                                                                                                     Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems’”
                                                                                           Location: Ryan’s Steakhouse                     
                                                                                                        1953 Whiskey Road
                                                                                                        Aiken, SC                          
                                                                                           Times:        5:00 PM-Social Time              Directions:
                                                            Excellence Award
                                                             SFPE Chapter of
                                           2007, 2008 and
                                           2009 Recipient

                                                                                                        5:30 PM-Buffet Dinner
CSRA Chapter
                                            2005, 2006,

                                                                                                        6:00 PM-Business Meeting          Ryan’s Steakhouse. Going south on the
                                                                                                        6:30 PM-Technical Presentation    Hitchcock Bypass (Hwy 118), go 5.3 miles
                                                                                                        8:30 PM-Adjournment               from the intersection of Hitchcock and Hwy.
                                                                                           Meal Cost:$19/members                          1. Turn right onto Whiskey Road (SC-19).
                                                                                                     $21/non-members                      Ryans is .1 miles at 1953 Whiskey Rd.
                                                                                                     Dinner is a buffet.

                                                                                                                                                  PLEASE RESPOND to
                                                                                                                                                     Stan Maciaszek

                                                                                                                                          By NOON on THURSDAY, January 14 at
                                                                                                                                                  (803) 208-0208 (work)
                                                                                                                                                (706) 855-5885 (home) or
                                                                                                                                           When emailing or phoning your RSVP,
                                                                                                                                            please verify confirmation via email
                                                     News Flash

                                                                                             Inside this issue:
                                                                                          Meeting Highlights                      2
                                                                                                                                              Executive Committee:
                                                                                          Dr. Guylene Proulx                      3           President:      Ralph Foster, P.E.
                                                                                          Outgoing President’s Message            3                           (803) 787-4757
                                                                                          Problem Writing Session                 3
                                                                                                                                              Vice-President: Stan Maciaszek, P.E.
                                                                                          Chapter Year-End Report                 3
                                                                                                                                                               (803) 208-0208
                                                                                          Annual Treasurer’s Report               4                  
                                                                                          SFPE Blogs and Facebook                 4           Secretary:      Steve Schneider
                                                                                          Allied Professionals                    4                           (803) 725-9360
                                                                                          SFPE Corporate 100                      4
                                                                                                                                              Treasurer:      Tom Allison, P.E.
                                                                                          Values of the SFPE Rewards Program      4                           (803) 725-1810
                                                                                          Reesidential Sprinklers Still in Deba   5                 
                                                                                          Corporate Sponsors                      5
                                                                                                                                              Past President: Steve Jenkins, P.E.
                                                                                          SFPE Member Application                 6                            (803) 734-4850
Meeting Highlights                                                            November 17, 2009
Meeting Location: Houndslake         The motion passed.                  serve as chapter officers for
Country Club, Aiken, SC                                                  2010: Ralph Foster, president,
                                     Treasurer's Report: Tom Allison     Stan Maciaszek, vice-president,
President Steve Jenkins called       provided the Treasurer's Report.    Steve Schneider, secretary, and
the meeting to order and             The chapter welcomed 1 new          Tom Allison, treasurer.
welcomed chapter members and         member (Eddie Stevens), and
guests.                              had 3 members (Mike                 President’s Report: President
                                     Davenport, Mark LeGrand, and        Steve Jenkins presented a year
There were 20 persons                Tom Magill) renew their             end report of Chapter events in
attending. The following chapter     memberships. Additionally, the      2009. A summary of this report is
members were in attendance:          chapter received 3 new              provided separately.
Raouf Abdelhadi, Tom Allison,        advertisers for the newsletter,
Denny Bennett, Mike Davenport,       ACE, Tritek, and LeGrand            Executive Committee training
Ralph Foster, Kent Gilbreath,        Engineering.                        session will be December 15,
Steve Jenkins, Eric Johnson,                                             2009 at LeGrand Engineering.
Mark LeGrand (renewal), Tom          Our income in October was           The speaker will be Greg
Magill (renewal), Steve Miller,      $619. Expenses in October were      Stephens, Deputy Chief
Alan Porter, Sam Putnam, Steve       $977. This gives us a balance of    Engineer, Tritium Programs
Schneider, John Steele, Eddie        $2544.33. This does / does not      Engineering. Chapter members
Stevens (new member), and            include the revenues / expenses     are invited to attend.
Bernie Till                          associated with the ISO seminar.
                                     A detailed report of the chapters   President Steve Jenkins asked if
The following guests were in         finances for the year is provided   there was any new business.
attendance: Bill Beebe, Jimmy        as a separate report.
Guerry, and the speaker, Frank                                           The next chapter meeting is
Hightower                            Eric Johnson won the 50/50          January 19, 2010 at Houndslake
                                     drawing for $23                     CC in Aiken, SC.. The program
Because this meeting involves                                            will be presented by Jeff
the election of officers for 2010,   ISO Rating Seminar: Bernie Till     Harrington of the Harrington
the technical presentation was       provided an update on the ISO       Group. His topic will be Major
held before the business             rating class sponsored by the       Changes Coming to NFPA 2001,
meeting. President Steve             chapter. 31 people registered, 2    “Standard on Clean Agent Fire
Jenkins introduced           Frank   cancelled, 29 paid to attend, 28    Extinguishing Systems.”
Hightower, ASURiO Inspection         are attending.
Systems. The technical                                                   With no further business, Steve
presentation was titled "New         Chapter Officer Elections:          adjourned the meeting.
Mobile Inspection Technologies       President Steve Jenkins opened
for Fire & Life Safety               the floor for nominations. There    Respectfully Submitted,
                                     were no nominations from the
October, 2009 meeting minutes:       floor. The slate of officers        Bernie Till for
A motion to accept the minutes       presented by the nomination         Stan Maciaszek
as published was made by Ralph       committee was approved by the
Foster and seconded by Mark          chapter on a voice vote. The
LeGrand.                             following persons were elected to

VOLUME 7, ISSUE 1                                                                                    Page 2
Dr. Guylène Proulx                                                               Outgoing President’s
                     Dr.   Guylène       research on the occupant                Message
                     Proulx     has      response and evacuation into the
                     passed away.                                                I would like to thank those that
                                         World Trade Center Investigation,
                     She was one of                                              offered support these past two
                                         she was lead investigator on a
                     the instructors                                             years I served as president. We
                                         number of other fires such as the
                     for our 2009                                                did a great job in maintaining our
                                         Cook County Building fire in
                     seminar      of                                             Chapter's high standards, growing
                                         Chicago, and she was
                     H u m a n                                                   our membership base, and being
                                         instrumental in helping the fire
                     Behavior     in                                             involved with the community. I
                                         protection engineering community
                     Fire.                                                       look forward to continuing to serve
                                         keep ‘people’ as a focus of fire
                                                                                 the chapter and the Society in the
                                         and life safety design. Among her
Guylène was a Senior                                                             coming year.
                                         many other activities, Guylène
Researcher in the Fire Research          was on the program committee for
Program at the National Research                                                 Steven M. Jenkins, P.E.
                                         each of the international Human
Council Canada. She had a Ph.D.                                                  Past-President
                                         Behavior in Fire symposia going
degree in Architectural Planning                                                 CSRA Chapter of SFPE
                                         back to 1998, was on the Board of
from the University of Montreal.         Directors of the Society of Fire
Over the last 20 years she
developed a unique expertise in
                                         Protection Engineers, the SFPE          Problem Writing
                                         Educational & Scientific
human behavior studies in                                                        Session
                                         Foundation Board of Governors,
emergency situations. Her                authored numerous papers and
research involved interviewing           handbook chapters, and taught in        The next problem writing session
survi vors after f i res and             the fire protection engineering         is scheduled for April 20, 2010 at
conducting         evacuation            programs at Carleton University in      the office of Mark LeGrand. More
experiments in buildings. She was        Canada and at WPI. She will be          information will be coming
selected by NIST to lead the             missed.                                 soon….

Chapter Year End Report

The CSRA Chapter had an                  demonstrating our chapter’s             Finally, the SFPE Chapter
eventful and progressive year.           ongoing commitment to                   promoted education within for FPE
The chapter promoted the                 excellence.                             profession and related fields by
installation of residential sprinklers                                           hosting eight technical presentation
through involvement with the             Our Chapter promoted the                meetings, including joint meetings
Habitat program. The chapter's           continuation of the fire protection     with other groups, and by
efforts led by Bill Farmer continued     engineering profession by hosting       sponsoring an ISO fire suppression
with the installation of NFPA 13D        a FPE Problem Writing Session.          rating schedule seminar.
systems in two Habitat houses in         A strong question pool is critical to
Beaufort. For participation in this      the continuation of the fire            For 2010, I would like to see our
Habitat sprinkler initiative, several    protection P.E exam.                    membership increase, and have
members received the Citizenship                                                 the Chapter continue to promote
                                         Our Chapter promoted learning           residential sprinklers through our
Award from the S.C. Fire Fighters
                                         and awareness of the FPE                involvement with the Habitat
                                         profession through our                  program.
Once again our Chapter won the           participation in Tech Days where
SFPE Gold Chapter of Excellence          hundreds of students were able to       Steven M. Jenkins, P.E.
Award (fifth year running)               see our display.

 VOLUME 7, ISSUE 1                                                                                            Page 3
Annual Treasurer's Report                                                    SFPE Corporate 100
                                                                             The SFPE Corporate 100 Program
                                                We’re On the                 was founded in 1976 to strengthen
For FY 2009 (9/1/2008 -9/1/2009)
Income                          $610.72
                                                   Web!                      the relationship between industry
                                                                             and the fire protection engineering
     Advertisement              $150.00            community. Membership in the
                                                                             program recognizes those who
     Fund Raiser                $213.00       Chapters/Central%              support the objectives of SFPE
                                                 20Savannah%                 and have a genuine concern for
     Gifts Received                $39.00
                                                                             the safety of life and property from
     Human Behavior Seminar    $3,533.28                                     fire. To join the Corporate 100
     Dues                       $790.00                                      Program (Business Membership in
                                                                             SFPE) please contact David Evans
     Meeting receipts          $2952.00     Allied                           301- 718-2910 ext. 103 To view
                                            Professionals                    the Corporate 100 Program
                                                                             brochure and application, please
Expense                        $4,328.41    The CSRA chapter has             type the website below in your
     Community service          $600.00     many individuals on our          internet browser without spaces for
                                            mailing list who do not          a quick reference:
     Dining                    $2688.95
                                            qualify for Professional or
     Gifts given                   $54.55   Associate Member status          te_100_application_2006c_001.pdf
                                            with SFPE but are still
     Habitat Homes              $788.60
                                            interested in the services
     Office Expense                $21.26   that the organization
                                            provides. In 2000, SFPE
                                                                             SFPE Blogs and
     Taxes                      $175.05
                                            began to recognize such          Facebook
                                            individuals and has created
                                                                             SFPE has ways to keep current
Net Total for 2009            -$3717.69     the Allied Professionals
                                                                             with information from the Society
                                            program to reach out to such
                                                                             online. There is a BLOG
                                            individuals to give them the
                                                                             (, and a
ISO Seminar had income of     $3,999.00     opportunity to interact with
                                                                             Facebook page
                                            the      fire    protection
Expense of                    -$2520.44                                      (
                                            engineering community.
                                                                    You can also sign up to
Net of                        $1478.56      Without membership in
                                                                             have BLOG updates delivered by
                                            SFPE. This is a special
                                            program to meet the needs
Bank Balance as of 12/31/2009               of those with whom the
                                            engineering community
                                            works on a daily basis. To
                                            learn more about the             Values of the SFPE
                                            program, please visit the        Rewards Program
                                            SFPE        website        at:
                                     Referrals Reward:
                                            ofessionals.aspx                 • An SFPE Report
                                            Make sure there are no           • $100 credits on SFPE
                                            spaces when typing it in           Publications, Events and
                                            your web browser.                  Merchandise
                                                                             • One Year Free Membership in
                                                                             Referral Credits may be
                                                                             accumulated until redeemed.

    VOLUME 7, ISSUE 1                                                                                     Page 4
Residential Sprinklers Still in Debate

Most of you have heard of the 2012 IRC vote/victory in Baltimore last year. What you may not know is we
“won another battle but not the war.” Residential sprinkler for one and two family dwellings is not assured!

The next battle to be fought is here at home. In South Carolina, adoption of building codes is governed by the
SC Building Codes Council. They have started the adoption process to adopt the 2009 family of codes
published by the ICC. These code range from the International Building Code through the International
Residential Code. The proposed code modifications are posted on LLR’s website at
POL/BCC/. When you get there select “2009 Proposed Code Modifications” on the right side. The Home
Builders Association of SC has submitted a modification to delete the residential sprinkler requirement from
the IRC. Our chapter has also submitted a modification to require systems be design per NFPA 13D versus
the unproven design method in the 2009 IRC.

Public hearings for these modification will be January 26th and 27th at the Lexington Town Hall, 111 Maiden
Lane, Lexington, SC 29071. Each proponent will be given 20 minutes, opposition 20 minutes, proponent will
get 5 minutes rebuttal, and opposition will get 5 minutes rebuttal. After the discussion, the Building Code
Council will vote on the modifications. Cities and Counties will not have the authority to modify the code
further. We expect the Home Builders will pack the meeting hall as well as advocates for Residential

The modification of the IRC is not the only item the Home Builders Association of SC is working on. They
have started a direct appeal to our elected officials. This information may be viewed on our website
(                If you cannot
attend the hearing, please write your state representatives and let them know your feelings. Excellent web
resources available to you may be found at these sites:

IRC Fire Sprinkler Coalition –
Fire Team USA websites –
NFPA’s Fire Sprinkler Initiative site -

PLEASE help us with our efforts to have residential sprinkler for all new homes. This is also one of the
chapter’s strategic initiatives!

 VOLUME 7, ISSUE 1                                                                                     Page 5
Corporate Sponsors
Promote your company in the SFPE Newsletter.

The yearly rate is $50 for one full year of newsletters
(9 issues) and the money will be used for expenses
directly related to Chapter affairs. Place your
advertisement now by sending a business card and a
check for $50 payable to SFPE – CSRA Chapter to
Tom Allison, 202 Watervale Rd., Martinez GA 30907.

VOLUME 7, ISSUE 1                                         Page 6
                   Society of Fire Protection Engineers
                              CSRA Chapter

NAME              (Last)                               (First)                  (MI)

Company / Business                                                                                 Sector (See Below)

Company / Business Address

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Telephone                                     Fax                               Email

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                                                                                        Sectors:      A= AHJ
Telephone                                     Fax                                                     C=Contractor
                                                                                                      E=Consulting Engineer
Email                                                                                                 F=Fire Service
Which address do you want to use to receive future information?      Business
        Home                                                                                          I=Industrial
Are you a member of International SFPE?        , If yes what Grade                                    S=Supplier
Membership Number/Year
Return this information sheet with a check for $20 annual dues to:
Tom Allison
202 Watervale Rd.
Martinez, GA 30907

VOLUME 7, ISSUE 1                                                                                                       Page 7

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