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									               Section 28: STANFINS Monthly Processing Calendar

         DFAS-Rome is committed to the timely processing of all accounting transactions. A
consistent flow of transactions throughout the month will avoid batched transactions as well as
unnecessary errors. Timely receipt of transmittal letters and other accounting transactions are
critical to the quality of support provided to our customers.

        To that end, a STANFINS calendar by DPI is distributed each month to all customers.
This calendar contains the processing schedule for the various interfaces and adjustment files,
such as the database Accounting and Reconciliation System (dARS) mismatch, accrual and F-
card adjustments, as well as STANFINS daily and weekly processing. It also contains the
schedule for ISB cycles, ODS, interfund bill processing, DCPS payroll and DCPS MODs and
SRD-1 transaction processing and cutoff dates. DFAS-Rome will adhere to the schedule unless
prevented by extenuating circumstances. The STANFINS calendar should be referred to if you
have any questions regarding the processing and cutoff schedule for the month. To receive a
copy of the calendar for your installation either contact your servicing accounting branch or
access the following web site:

       The calendar provides DFAS-Rome a standard processing tool and gives customers a
reasonable expectation of DFAS-Rome performance. It also provides us the ability to control the
flow of workload, which will translate into consistent end-of-month procedures and report
processing. There will be a separate yearend schedule along with other yearend guidance and

        Run cycles are indicated as Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Clean Up, and special. A
STANFINS cycle is normally run each business day of the month excluding holidays. A listing
of the cycles processed under each run cycle can be found at the following web site:

      Special run cycles must be kept to a minimum and coordinated at least a day in advance
with DFAS-Rome. The cycle processing schedule includes a core of output products for
customer usage. Special runs will not be processed with sort criteria or grouping since both
COGNOS Impromptu (ODS query software) and the Accounting Transaction Ledger Archival
System (ATLAS) have the capability to produce sorted reports.

        The STANFINS cleanup cycle is normally scheduled for the last workday of the month.
Input to the cleanup cycle should be minimal and limited to funding and other transactions
required to eliminate invalid balances on end of month reports. Exceptions to this should be
coordinated with your servicing accounting branch. The first STANFINS cycle of the new
month then normally occurs on the 2 nd workday.

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