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					“The ACORD Standards for XML enable the
independent agency distribution system to
take full advantage of the opportunities
offered by this new technology.”                             For ACORD XML for Life & P&C Insurance:
                            Bill Houston, President/IIAA
                                                             On the Web: go to and
                                                             select “Standards” option
“NAILBA brokerage agencies rely on taking                    Call: Customer Service at
advantage of opportunities for improved and more             1-800-444-3341, ext. 506, or
efficient service to enhance their relationships with
both agents and carriers. ACORD Standards for                1-845-620-1700, ext. 506
XML should pay great dividends for wholesale bro-
kerage businesses that support the new technology.”          Ask our representative about becoming an
                   Joe Normandy, Executive Director/NAILBA   ACORD member and these XML-related
                                                             products and services:
                                                             • ACORD XML Video
“The Life Insurance industry is rapidly                      • ACORD Standards, Subcommittee, and
becoming dependent on efficient sharing of                     Working Groups
information between trading partners over the                • ACORD XML Training
Internet. Manulife Financial has invested in
ACORD XML standards to speed this evolu-
tion. We believe, through ACORD's efforts,
that a common set of standards already exist
to support information sharing for a broad                                        ACORD
range of business transactions.”
                                                                           One Blue Hill Plaza
                  Guy Mills, Assistant Vice President and
                                     Technology Officer/              Pearl River, NY 10965–8529
                      Manulife Financial Corporation

                                                                    new technology requires new standards
"ACORD has shown great leadership in
the industry with efforts to standardize XML.
Using ACORD XML standards for real-time
processing has enabled The Hartford to
meet the challenge of delivering Internet
interface in a non-proprietary environment."
                  Joseph Gauches, Senior Vice President
                                   Electronic Business/
                                           The Hartford

                                                                  ACORD XML facilitates real-time transactions

Because XML:                                      The rush to Internet-based data sharing can                    Show the ACORD XML Video to colleagues
     expands automation opportunities between     create non-standard XML transactions. These                    and trading partners
     trading partners                             are barriers to future, widespread information                 Tell your technology providers you want
     integrates Internet applications with        exchange. ACORD XML standards prevent this                     ACORD XML standards, not proprietary
     back-office systems                          from happening.                                                XML
     facilitates real-time transactions                                                                          Sup p ort the development of industry
     enhances data sharing among previously                                                                      standards:
     disconnected systems                                                                                          • Become an ACORD member
                                                        •Life                 TRADING                              • Participate in the ACORD XML
                                                        •P&C                                         ACORD XML
                                                                              PARTNER                Real Time
                                                        •Surety                                                      standards process
                                                                  ACORD XML MESSAGES                 Messages

                                                                  ACORD XML MESSAGES
                                                                                                                 ACORD experts can help you understand
                                                                    Trading     Trading    Trading
                                                                    Partner     Partner    Partner               how XML can be deployed in your business.
                                                                                                                 ACORD XML standards development
Makes your system work with your partners
                                                                              •Financial                         programs can address your specific
    Carriers, agents, vendors, and systems                                     Services
                                                                                                                 e-business needs.
    integrators work together to create
    ACORD XML transactions that                                                                                  ACORD provides information about which
    are cross-platform and cross-industry.                                                                       vendors, carriers, agencies and other
                                                                                                                 organizations are employing XML
Gives you Straight Through Processing
                                                                                                                 standards solutions today.
    ACORD XML transactions allow straight                              PROBLEM:
    through processing of applications, claims,           Proprietary XML for single systems                           What is XML?
    and other transactions between the desktop                  = data fragmentation                                   XML (eXtensible Mark-up Language) is a new computer
                                                                                                                       language that facilitates the real-time exchange of data
    and the back office using the Internet.                                                                            between business partners and their customers.
                                                                                                                       Who is ACORD?
Provides reach into the Global Marketplace                             SOLUTION:                                       ACORD is a not-for-profit, industry-funded standards-setting
    ACORD works cooperatively with                  Industry standard ACORD XML for all systems                        association for the insurance and related financial
    international standards-setting bodies to                    = global data sharing                                 service industries.

    develop compatible XML standards that                                                                              What Does ACORD Do?
                                                                                                                       Provides the structure that enables the insurance and
    allow you to reach the global marketplace.         Our window of opportunity for collective
                                                                                                                       related financial services industries to work together on
                                                      development of XML transactions is NOW.                          standards.