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A physician’s guide
What is psycho-oncology?

 Psycho-oncology, a growing area of oncology:

 Focuses on the psychological, social and emotional impact of
 cancer on patients and caregivers, and on health behavior

  – Addresses psychological issues affecting patient and caregiver quality
    of life (QoL)

  – Empowers patients to take a positive and active role in their cancer
    care, and empowers individuals to reduce their risk of cancer

  – Helps patients and families adjust to a difficult disease and its
Why is psycho-oncology important
to your lung cancer patient?

  Emotional and psychological support during cancer diagnosis and
  treatment may:

  – Significantly improve QoL

  – Increase patients’ ability to manage their treatment

  – Reduce related stress and anxiety

  – Give patients a greater sense of control

  – Inform patients about what they are likely to experience
Why is psycho-oncology important
to your lung cancer patient?

• Psychological morbidity among lung cancer patients is high

• Emotional distress and depression are problems in their own right
  and make it harder for patients to cope with treatment

• Emotional distress is often increased by guilt associated with
Introducing INSPIRE

• Roche has partnered with the International Psycho-Oncology
  Society (IPOS) to create INSPIRE, a unique global initiative to:

    – Help lung cancer patients improve their QoL

    – Provide patients and caregivers with an INSPIRE resource kit
What is the INSPIRE resource kit?

• Two short booklets, one for lung cancer patients and one for

• The booklets are divided into two sections:

    – Managing feelings caused by a cancer diagnosis
    – Understanding and coping with treatment

• Additional content includes:

    – Self help tips and strategies
    – How to improve overall well being
    – General lung cancer information
What are additional resources?

• Options can include referrals to:

      –   Family physicians
      –   Palliative care teams
      –   Counselors
      –   Psychologists
      –   Psychiatrists
      –   Social workers
      –   Lung cancer specialist nurses
      –   Websites
      –   Books

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About IPOS

•   Founded in 1984 to foster international multidisciplinary communication about
    the psychological impact of cancer
•   Dedicated to improving the care of cancer patients and their families
    throughout the world
•   Looks at the psychological, social and behavioral factors that influence cancer
    risk and survival

•   Open for membership to individuals including:
     -   Physicians
     -   Nurses
     -   Psychologists
     -   Social workers

•   IPOS Multilingual Core Curriculum in Psycho-Oncology is available at

•   For more information about IPOS membership and other programs, please

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