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      TB Services for Aboriginal
     BC Centre for Disease Control
  How Do You Catch Tuberculosis (TB)?

The TB Germ is passed in to the air….   You breathe
when a person                                 the
                                           TB germ
      with                                     into
TB Disease:                                   lungs
     sings or
     shouts.           TBSAC / BCCDC        2/15/2005
 Latent TB Infection

•You have breathed the TB germ
Into your lungs                         LUNGS

• Your body builds a wall
around the TB germ
• The TB germ is “sleeping”

• You do Not feel sick and           WALL TB GERM
can Not make anyone else sick
                     TBSAC / BCCDC              2/15/2005
9 months

    Treatment of Latent TB Infection

       Isoniazid(INH) is taken for 9 months to kill the
        “sleeping” TB germ.

       This stops the bacteria from “waking up” and making a
        person sick with TB Disease.

       Treating TB infection is very important for people who
        have conditions that make their body weak.

       Most people who take TB pills have no problems.
                          TBSAC / BCCDC                    2/15/2005
How Do You Get TB Disease?

  If you have Latent TB infection and your body
  becomes weak, the wall around the TB germ can
  break down.

                               If the wall breaks down,
                               The TB germs will
                                “wake up” and make
                                you sick.

                               This is TB disease

               TBSAC / BCCDC                    2/15/2005
      Conditions That Make Your
Body Weak and Cause TB Infection
   to “Wake Up” to TB Disease
   HIV/AIDS                           Organ Transplants
   Diabetes                           Underweight
   Cancer                             X-rays that show old TB
   Medications that                   Substance abuse
    suppress immunity (e.g..           Silicosis
                                       Leukemia
   Kidney disease
                                       Lymphoma
People with these conditions should be checked once a
year for TB Infection and TB Disease

                    TBSAC / BCCDC                         2/15/2005
                       Active TB Disease

   The TB germs wake up and make you sick.

   You can spread TB disease to the people you hang out with.The
    TB germ is spread through the air.

   You may have coughing, spitting up blood, weight loss, chest
    pain, night sweats, feeling tired or weak.

   Most people with TB disease do not need to go to the hospital.

   People hardly ever die from TB.
                        TBSAC / BCCDC                          2/15/2005
Signs & Symptoms of TB Disease

Weight Loss           Coughing for
                      2 weeks or longer

                                                     Chest Pain

                      Coughing up Blood

Night                                     Tired or
Sweats        Fever
                  TBSAC / BCCDC                         2/15/2005
6 – 18 months
                Medication for TB Disease

           Isoniazid (INH)                  • A person with TB
                                            disease will need to
            Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6)
                                            take 7 – 12 pills every
                 Rifampin                   day to be cured.

                    Pyrizinamide (PZA)      • The safest way to
                                            take TB medications
                                            is by Directly
                                            Observed Therapy

                            TBSAC / BCCDC                     2/15/2005
Tests for TB Infection & Disease
TB Skin Test
TB Skin Test:
 Shows if a person has TB germs in their body.
 A small amount of fluid is injected just beneath the
  skin in the forearm. This will make a small bubble,
  which disappears in 10 minutes.
 A person must return to see the nurse in 2 – 3 days.

Positive TB Skin Test:
 A person has TB Infection.

                   TBSAC / BCCDC                   2/15/2005
 Tests for TB Disease
 Chest X-ray

Chest x-ray:
May show TB scars or TB disease.
                        The Community Health
                        Nurse will send you for a
                        chest X-ray.

                          Anyone with symptoms of
                          TB should have a chest x-ray.

                   TBSAC / BCCDC                    2/15/2005
  Tests for TB Infection & Disease

  Sputum Sample (“Spit”):
  Anyone who is coughing phlegm for 2 weeks or
  longer should collect 3 samples of Spit coughed
  from the lungs to send to the TB Lab

                           to the
Day 1   Day 2   Day 3      TB Lab    TB Lab in Vancouver
                   TBSAC / BCCDC                  2/15/2005

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