EPIC Programmer Set-up - DOC by wrn10268


									                             EPIC Programmer Set-up

If multiple people are in the lab wanting to use the Programmer, I suggest you set it up on one machine
following steps 1 – 6 below. Then, whenever somebody needs to program the PIC:

       A.   Rename your hex file to something unique (i.e., your login name)
       B.   Copy you hex file to the share folder
       C.   Do steps 7 and 8 below
       D.   Go to the computer hooked to the programmer and politely ask to do steps 9 and 10.

If you don't close down EPIC after doing the above, then each step D should only take a minute or less
and shouldn't be a big bother on the person using the computer hooked to the programmer.

The following assumes that you have made a HEX file using MPLAB.

Do the steps in order.

   1. Take the tan cable and plug the RJ side into the EPIC programmer and DB25 side into the
      parallel (printer) port on the computer.

   2. Hook up the power supply.

   3. Using Explorer, start up EpicWin.exe. It is in the folder C:\RTSoft\EPIC

   4. In the drop down box, it should have PIC16F84

   5. Under Configuration, set it up as:

            a.   Oscillator is XT
            b.   Code protection is Off
            c.   Watchdog Timer is NOT checked (You will go crazy if it is!)
            d.   Power-up Timer enable is not checked
            e.   Memory Size is 1K
            f.   Rest don't matter

   6. Under Options, the following should be checked and the rest should be unchecked:

            a.   Program / Verify Code
            b.   Program / Verify Configuration
            c.   Program / Verify Data
            d.   Verify After Programming
            e.   Skip Blank Check
7. Put the PIC in the programmer with the PIC facing you and pin one in the slot furthest to the
   left (nearest the ZIF handle). Pin 1 of the PIC is the pin furthest left, as the PIC faces you.
   Make sure the ZIF handle is up, as shown below.

8. Close the ZIF handle. It should look like below.

9. Select File /Open and load the hex file you created using MPLab.

10. Select Run / Program. If all goes well, you can remove the PIC - it's programmed!

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