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					Metro BMX Proposal

                      Vince and Taren Mulhause, Owners, Metro BMX
                            Mailing Address: 11411 Rotherfield Place
                                               Bakersfield, CA 93311
                             Physical Address: 3805 Chester Avenue
                     (At the rear of the Sam Lynn Ballpark Complex)
                          Contact:        Vince’s cell: 661-205-1367
                                          Taren’s cell: 661-205-1304
Track Sponsorship Proposal 2009
 What is BMX?
 Sponsorship Proposal
 Photographs / Miscellaneous
What is BMX?
History of BMX

The sport of bicycle motocross began in the early 1970's in Southern California. A new sport created by kids for
     kids was born. Bicycle Motocross was the name it was given. That name was quickly shortened to BMX. It
     grabbed the attention of thousands of kids in one short summer. Boys and girls on their modified bicycles
     were seen jamming through the dirt emulating their motorcycle motocross heroes.

Imitation lead to innovation and quickly the kids were performing tricks and "getting air." The next step was
       organized racing. By 1977, pockets of loosely organized BMX races dotted the nation from coast to coast.
       It was time for a national sanctioning body and from out of this need, the AMERICAN BICYCLE
       ASSOCIATION was created.

The AMERICAN BICYCLE ASSOCIATION not only filled that need, it completely changed and continues to shape
      the future of the sport it serves. Today the sport of bicycle motocross is sweeping the country. There are
      over 150,000 riders of all ages racing in organized races at tracks across America. Races are organized
      according to age group and skill levels, so everyone gets the opportunity to compete on a fair and
      competitive basis. Even beginning riders have the chance to race safely with other new riders.

ABA BMX racing is a sport of youthful achievement and the American family. While the young boy or girl BMX
     racer develops skills at an individual pace, they are learning about winning, losing and trying again. The
     racer's family learns that time spent together is support of the racer and the individual achievements is
     quality time.

Metro BMX is Bakersfield's local youth bicycle motocross track. It has been in existence at it’s current location
      for 18 years. The current owners/track operators have been involved in the management of the track
      since its inception and continue to be devoted to the development of the sport of BMX and the families
      who participate.
Sponsorship Proposal
METRO BMX is a family-oriented local youth bicycle motocross
   team that is dedicated to enriching their riders by fostering
   personal achievement, determination, a desire to improve,
   team commitment, and promoting good sportsmanship both on
   the track and in the community. Currently, over 100 riders,
   along with their families and friends, participate at Metro BMX
   on a weekly basis throughout the year.

The 2009 American Bicycle Association (ABA) US Nationals will be
    held at Metro BMX April 30-May 2, 2010. This event, which we
    have hosted nine times since 1992, brings over 1,000 riders
    and their families from around the United States and several
    from around the World. All totaled the exposure is tremendous
    with upwards of 5000 people in attendance, internet
    broadcasting, website coverage, local media, and magazine
    coverage. According to the Visitors & Convention Bureau,
    Metro BMX’s national is the 4th largest event in the City of
    Bakersfield (revenue generated per visitor).
Proposal (Con’t)
We would like to propose to you the ability to sponsor Metro BMX and help bring, and
    keep, the US Nationals at our track each year. This is a win-win situation for
    both parties because your company will receive advertisement on both the local
    and national level, and your company donation will help bring this huge national
    event to our facility and our community.

For your minimum $500 donation, your company will be advertised on a billboard at
     the track placed directly above where the night’s races are posted. (This is the
     area of the facility with the most traffic.) Your company logo will also be placed
     on the event trophies (of which 1,600 are distributed), event stickers, and time
     permitting, in the event ad in the association magazine. In addition your
     company will be advertised on the Metro BMX webpage (

National events of this magnitude takes months of preparation, and a large
     commitment of funding. Your company donation is vital to bring this event to
     Bakersfield and Metro BMX. If your company would like to help sponsor the track
     and be a part of a winning adventure for the riders and community, please
     contact me. Thank you for your consideration.

Vince Mulhause, Track Owner/Operator
Photographs – Metro BMX
Nationals – Metro BMX

                  Event Sticker w/sponsor logos
                Metro BMX – Home of the
US Nationals…1992, 1993, 1995, 1998, 2001, 2007, 2009 and
                   Upcoming May 2010
                  Spring Nationals…2004
                  So Cal Nationals…2006