Unix Operating System I by ozb45831


									                                         South Texas College
                               Division of Business and Technology
                                    Business Computer Systems
                                        Master Course Syllabi
                                               Spring 2009

Chair's (Author's) Information:

1. Name of Chair:      Adolfo Lozano

2. Office Location:     East Bldg./Room # A217/Technology Center

3. Telephone #:        (965) 872-6175

4. FAX #:             (956) 872-2762 (Dean’s office)

5. E-mail Address:     alozano@southtexascollege.edu

Course Information:
1. Course Name:        UNIX Operating System I
2. Course:     ITSC 1407
3. Classroom Loc:      As Needed
4. Class Days/Times: As Needed
5. Catalog Course Description: This course is the study of the UNIX operating system including multi-user
concepts, terminal emulation, use of system editor, basic UNIX commands, and writing script files. Topics
include introductory systems management concepts.

6. Student Learning Outcomes:
    • Understand the origins of the UNIX operating system
    • Learn basic and advanced directory and file management
    • Use text editors to customize shell operations
    • Use scripts/script languages to automate tasks
    • Learn the network concepts commonly associated with UNIX
    • Evaluate different distributions of UNIX
    • Utilize terminal emulation software to remotely administer other operating systems
    • Troubleshoot basic UNIX problems
7. Course Requirements, Evaluation Methods, and Grading Criteria:
       Course Prerequisite: ITNW 2301
    • Students are responsible for all reading material.
    • Students are expected to attend all classes regularly. If you miss any meetings, it is the student’s
       responsibility to get class notes from another student.
    • It is the student's responsibility to communicate with the instructor concerning any absence as soon as
       possible, whether before the absence or immediately after returning to class.
    • Exams will not be retaken. Missed exams will be rescheduled with the instructor.
    • Roll call will be taken at beginning or end of the class. A student may be dropped from class after
       having 3 absences.
    • The instructor may also count you absent if you leave the class early without prior permission from the
    • The instructor may drop the student at the point when, in the instructor's opinion, the student would
       have difficulty completing the course. It is still the student's responsibility to officially drop from the
       class. A grade of F may result from failure to comply with this requirement.
    • Arriving late to class and leaving early from class are extremely disruptive and inconsiderate to the
       instructor and other students. Furthermore, talking, passing notes, studying for other classes, misusing
       the Internet, or sleeping will not be tolerated during the class period. If you develop any of these habits,
       the instructor retains the right to drop you from the class roll.

    Grading Scale:

        90—100 A
        80—89 B
        70—79 C
        0—69 F

8. Required Textbook & Resources:
       Guide to Using UNIX Using Linux, Fourth Edition, Palmer. ISBN: 1-4188-3723-7
       3 blank CD-ROMs
       2 blank DVD-ROMS
       1 128 Meg (or larger) Thumb drive

Developmental Studies Policy Statement:

The College’s Developmental Education Plan requires students who have not met the college-level placement
standard on an approved assessment instrument in reading, writing and/or mathematics to enroll in
Developmental Studies courses including College Success. Failure to attend these required classes may result
in the student’s withdrawal from ALL college courses

Statement of Equal Opportunity: No person shall be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or
be subject to discrimination under any program or activity sponsored or conducted by South Texas College on
the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, veteran status or disability.

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(956) 618-8302.

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disABILITY Support Services at (956) 872-2173.

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