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                                      OGC Mandate
                     Requirements for new guidance and qualifications
                     Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O)

                         OGC owns long established and well supported guidance on project management
1. Background            (the method PRINCE2), programme and risk management (Managing Successful
                         Programmes - MSP and Management of Risk: Guidance for Practitioners -
                         M_o_R®), all of which touch on the need to providing adequate support structures
                         for these good practices for maximum effectiveness. The importance of this aspect
                         of successful delivery was further developed by OGC in response to the report
                         published by the Office of Public Services Reform: Improving Programme and Project
                         Delivery (IPPD) - Increasing the Civil Service’s Capacity and Capability to Deliver . The
                         IPPD report identified the Centre of Excellence (COE) concept and highlighted its
                         value in supporting and enabling improvements in delivery of programmes and
                         projects OGC’s Centres of Excellence initiative produces on-line guidance aimed at
                         senior managers who were involved in the sponsorship, establishment and
                         management of a COE.
                         Customer feedback indicated that something more substantial that was directly and
                         explicitly linked to the existing practitioner guidance (PRINCE2, MSP and M_o_R)
                         would greatly assist organisations who were setting up or day to day running such
                         supporting structures at all levels of the business, and that there was also a desire for
                         qualifications to be made available across the variety of roles within these structures.
                         When prompted by this customer feedback to re-examine this topic late in 2006,
                         OGC was in the process of updating its high level guidance aimed at the portfolio
                         management level, and the COE information pack (also aimed at portfolio level). In
                         addition, the Refresh programme for the practitioner guidance (PRINCE2, MSP and
                         M_o_R) offered an opportunity to revisit their brief references to programme and
                         project level support structures.

                         The purpose of P3O
2. The Purpose               1. To provide universally applicable guidance – principles, processes and
of P3O                           techniques - that will enable individuals and organisations to successfully
guidance and                     establish, develop and maintain appropriate support structures that will
                                 informed senior management’s decision making on prioritisation, risk
                                    management, deployment of resources etc across the organisation to
                                    successfully deliver their business objectives (Portfolio management)
                                 identification and realisation of outcomes and benefits via programmes;
                                 delivery of projects within time, cost and quality constraints.

                              2.   To provide the standard against which individuals’ knowledge and
                                   competency in any relevant aspect of setting up, managing and working
                                   within a P3O can be examined and assessed

                         Following indications from various sources that guidance was required in the area
3. Reference
                         of PPRM “support” offices, on 12th October 2006 OGC, assisted by their partners
Group                    TSO and APMG, held a workshop for key stakeholders (the Reference Group) to
                         carry out a more formal assessment of the need for guidance and a supporting
                         framework of individual certification.
                         The Reference Group concluded that there is currently no single place where either
                         organisations or individuals can find advice or guidance on setting up and running

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                         effective delivery “support” offices in alignment with OGC best practice in PPRM.
                         Similarly, there is no qualification explicitly aligned with OGC’s core PPRM best
                         practice (PRINCE2, MSP and M_o_R), or with OGC’s web-based Centres of
                         Excellence guidance. This was seen as a major drawback for organisations who
                         have adopted this best practice framework and wished to follow it in their structures
                         supporting their PPRM processes and practices.
                         Therefore the Reference Group provided OGC with a clear direction for a new
                         product or products in this area, with a clearly identified gap in the market.
                         The direction given by the Reference Group is summarised in this mandate.
                         The composition of the Reference Group is shown in Annex A.
                         Main Outcomes desired –
4. Outline                   A P3O product set that
outcomes and                 a) Is fit for purpose
Benefits of the              b) reflects the evolution in portfolio, risk, programme and project management
P3O products                      practices
                             c) aligns with OGC PPRM best practice guidance
                             d) is considered to be accessible and relevant at all levels within a business and
                                  is readily applicable to large and small organisations (flexible and
                             e) is relevant to all roles and responsibilities within the context described
                             f) is supported by a qualification scheme that has with visible routes for CPD
                                  and is wholly aligned to existing OGC qualifications
                             g) is supported by a network of accredited service providers
                             h) is taken up by a significant number of organisations and individuals
                              Anticipated Benefit – increased numbers of organisations being able to show
                               successful delivery of programmes and projects that are demonstrably linked
                               to organisational objectives; measurable cost savings from stopping
                               programmes and projects not linked to objectives; measurable increases in the
                               realisation of benefits and increased numbers of projects delivering on time
                               within cost and to agreed quality
                               Evidenced by
                              Evidenced by increased adoption of POs at any of the three levels by
                              Anticpated Benefit – greater recognition of the value of individual roles in
                               portfolio, programme and project delivery
                              Evidenced by the take up of the qualifications and associated training

                         In scope
5. Scope of the
                              Creation and structuring of the guidance
project                       Addition of content to align where appropriate with the refreshed MSP,
                               M_o_R, COE guidance, portfolio management briefing, OGC Gateway,
                               Achieving Excellence for Construction guidance and the emerging
                               procurement framework
                              Consideration of what should be core to P3O and identification of what should
                               be included in any supporting guidance
                              Development of one or more qualifications to support elements of the
                              Consideration of the assessment options available and decision on which
                               options to adopt
                              Identification of the likely impacts on existing related products in the OGC
                               best practice portfolio (in addition to those mentioned in the bullet above - the
                               PRINCE2 Maturity Model, P3M3, and any core OGC PPRM guidance that is
                               likely to be current when P3O is published)

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                         The guidance can be made available in a variety of formats including paper based,
6. Format
                         electronic or a combination of media formats. The core product/s will be
                         commercial but may be supported by free web-based materials where appropriate.
                         Out of scope for the P3O project
7. Exclusions/                Introduction of material that could undermine the validity or reputation of
constraints                    existing OGC best practice.
                              Unnecessary duplication of any elements of portfolio, risk, programme and
                               project management that is adequately covered in guidance (OGC owned or
                               other) elsewhere.
                              Any elements identified as desirable, but which are not considered to be
                               essential elements to support the purpose of P3O. These should be considered
                               for inclusion in the wider portfolio in a separate project or projects.
                              Setting criteria for delivery of training based on the qualifications scheme

8. OGC                   The P3O guidance will include (but is not limited to):
Requirements                    Introduction covering:
(outline                             o   What is P3O?
                                     o   who should use P3Os
                                     o   what this guidance is for,
a) Composition &
content                              o   how it can be used and
                                     o   the benefits of use (why?) (How use of P3Os enables realisation of
                                         benefits both short and longer term)
                                The fundamental principles that underpin P3Os
                                The framework for each level of support structure
                                Core elements throughout should include risk management and the Business
                                P3O in context – how P3O fits into, supports and interfaces with different
                                 environments: internal and external; change management; operations/BAU;
                                 cross organisational aspects; procurement; commercial and non commercial
                                Clear explanations and descriptions of roles, responsibilities and governance
                                 requirements, including intelligent client and supplier relationships, and
                                 interfaces with other roles and responsibilities in areas such as HR,
                                 procurement, legal and contracting etc
                                 What tools and techniques to use – in particular use of P3M3 to assist with
                                 continually improving PPRM practices and processes
                             How P3O’s guidance should be applied and adapted to suit different contexts,
                              types of organisational portfolios, programmes, projects and organisational
                              requirements, including minimum levels
                              How to
                                    -     Set up and run a PO at each “level”
                                    -     Use the various tools and techniques

                                  References and interfaces to wider PPRM and generic management skills,
                                   tools and techniques not included in detail within P3O
                                         - Benefits management
                                         - Risk Management (including business continuity)
                                         - Project management
                                         - Programme management
                                         - Service management (including ITIL)

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                             Real world examples and illustrations
                             References
                             Acknowledgments
                             Glossary
                         The P3O qualification scheme should include (but is not limited to):
                             An introductory level qualification which demonstrate a candidate’s knowledge
                              of the terminology and basic principles of P3O (this could be an overarching
                              single awareness assessment or be split according to role or PPP management
                             A qualification or series of qualifications which demonstrate a candidate’s
                              understanding of how P3O guidance is applied and adapted in practice
                             A route for people to pursue continual personal development in P3O and wider
                              PPRM management skills and competencies
                             A mapping to show equivalencies with and links to other qualifications (both
                              those belonging to OGC or other relevant bodies)
b) Quality criteria      The P3O guidance must meet the following criteria:
                               The guidance must be generic – applicable to any size of organisation, in any
                                industry sector anywhere in the world
                               Be written in plain English and be idiom free
                               Must be visibly aligned to OGC PPRM guidance (in particular MSP, M_o_R,
                                ITIL, OGC Gateway)
                               Must be consistent with OGC procurement framework and Achieving
                                Excellence for Construction when this guidance is updated in early 2008
                               For completeness, may reference materials not covered in other OGC guidance
                                – eg “softer” people issues, organisational cultures etc where directly relevant
                                to better understanding the context of P3Os
                               The guidance should be intuitive and logical in its structure and navigation
                         The qualifications scheme needs to meet the following criteria:
                               All assessments (whatever the method of delivery) are suitable for an
                                international audience
                               Each qualification is clearly mapped with OGC’s other qualifications
                                (PRINCE2, MSP, M_o_R and ITIL) and with the wider PPRM management
                                context in terms of levels used (eg CMI diplomas, NVQ, Skills framework etc)
                               Offerings for more senior managers are consistent with guidance for SROs
                               Quality assurance of the products will be carried out by the Review Group, or
c) Quality Method
                                a sub set of that group. The Review Group will consist of independent
                                representative stakeholders, and be jointly managed by TSO for the guidance,
                                and APMG for the qualification elements.
                               The Review Group will assist the project manager in setting the detailed scope
                                for the product/s based on this mandate, agree the full product description/s
                                and may also provide input to the design of the relevant work package/s if
                                required. They will monitor progress against these product descriptions for
                                both the qualification and publication elements.
                               An additional quality check will be carried out during publication production
                                by a suitably qualified group from the APMG accredited community selected
                                and managed by APMG on behalf of OGC

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                               Both guidance and qualifications should be trialled and feedback taken on
                                board at least once before general public release
                               That ownership of P3O will be retained in the UK public sector
9. Assumptions
                               That OGC and its partners will provide sufficient resources throughout this
                               That the new product will enhance the existing OGC portfolio of PPRM
                              1. This product will require input from the following OGC products:
10. Key
                                   Refreshed Gateway guidance
Dependencies                       PPRM Common Glossary
                                   COE Information Pack
                                   Portfolio management briefing
                                   PRINCE2
                                   MSP
                                   M_o_R
                                   P3M3
                                   Achieving Excellence in Construction guidance
                                   Emerging Procurement framework
                              2. The PRINCE2 Refresh project will have outputs that may influence the
                                  development of the new P3O guidance, and vice versa.
                              3. P3O development will require the use of some of the same resources as the
                                  PRINCE2 and P3M3 Refresh projects – particularly people with the right
                                  level of expertise for reviewing and authoring, and for delivery of
                                  management aspects of the projects. This dependency should be flagged
                                  and managed as a key risk.

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PRINCE2 Reference Group (met 11TH June 2007)
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Name                             Company                                Representing
Terry Cooke-Davies               Human Systems                          Private sector, SME
Bob Patterson                    Fujitsu                                Private sector, global
Philip Rushbrook                 Cabinet Office                         CCG
Ruth Little                      DTI                                    CCG (COE)
Adrian Tilley                    APM                                    Project management,
Dusty Miller                     Sun Microsystems                       Private sector, global
Prof Darren Dalcher              Middlesex University                   Academia (UK)
Rob Brace                        DWP                                    CCG
Steve Falkenkrog/ Wally          PMI                                    Project management,
Moore                                                                   USA
Beverley Webb                    BSI                                    Project management
Prof Christophe Bredillet        University of Lille                    Academia
Jens Wandel                      United Nations Development Programme   Public sector, global
Dr David Marsh                   MOD                                    Defence, UK

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