Theo Wanne Classic Mouthpieces Granted Design Patent by ProQuest


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									              Columbia College Chicago
                                                                                               Theo Wanne Classic
                                                                                               Mouthpieces Granted
                          keeps getting better!
                                                                                               Design Patent
                                                                                               Theo Wanne Classic Mouthpieces
        You’re all about Jazz. You need a music program as energized
                                                                                               were granted a patent for the in-
        as you are, one that moves you beyond the cookie-cutter
                                                                                               ternal shape of their saxophone
        curriculum. Our Jazz Studies program specializes in theory
                                                                                               mouthpieces. The interior design
        and musicianship for the Jazz artist, with up-close, hands-on
                                                                                               patent encompasses their signature
        forums that include special guests such as John Clayton,
                                                                                               True Large Chambers, a step baffle,
        Danilo Perez, Cedar Walton, Ravi Coltrane, and more.
                                                                                               and rounded inner side-walls. Theo
        Think Jazz. Think Columbia.
                                                                                               Wanne uses the term True Large
                                                                                               Chamber in referring to his mouth-
                                                                                               pieces because his mouthpiece
                                                                                               chambers are 30 percent larger than
                                                                                               traditional large chamber mouth-
                                                                                               pieces. Although the larger cham-
                                                  Erick                                        bers, especially with their complex
                                                  Jazz Studies                                 curves, are much harder to manu-
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