Jazz at Lincoln Center's 10th Anniversary Band Director Academy by ProQuest


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Jazz at Lincoln Center’s 10th
Anniversary Band Director Academy
                                                                                               Say What?

      n celebration of the 10th anniversary of Band Director Academy (BDA), Jazz
      at Lincoln Center presents a three day professional development workshop           “A chimpanzee could
      on the essentials of teaching jazz, June 26-28, 2009. The workshop will            learn to do what I do
      include improvisation, rhythm section, and big band rehearsal techniques.          physically. But it goes
      Featuring an integration of performance, jazz pedagogy, and demonstration          way beyond that. When
of best practices, BDA emphasizes hands-on learning and techniques to be ap-
plied directly in the classroom. It is led by some of the foremost jazz educators        you play, you play life. ”
in the country and also includes jam sessions, lunchtime topic discussions, and                ~ Jaco Pastorius
a faculty concert. The cost is $350 per person. Essentially Ellington High School
Jazz Band Program 2008–2009 members and music education students are eli-
gible for a $50 discount. Scholarships and discounted hotel rates also available.
    For more information, visit www.jalc.org/bda.

Gretsch Supports Jazz History
at Elmhurst Museum
    Fred Gretsch lends his support to an exhibit that cel-
ebrates jazz history. The exhibit began on February 24 and
runs through May 24 at the Elmhurst Historical Museum in
the Chicago suburb of Elmhurst, Ill. Dubbed Elmhurst Jazz:
A Celebration of an American Art Form in Elmhurst, the ex-
hibit explores the history of jazz and jazz education through
the perspectives of two local institutions: DownBeat maga-
zine and the Elmhurst College Jazz Festival. Highlights in-
clude a visual timeline of notable
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