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       James M. Berklan
       Editor, McKnight’s Long-Term Care News
                                                                                                   “What resident activities do
                                                                                                   you recommend, and why?”
                                                                                                        “A travelogue,         “Any type of mental exercise–
                                                                                                        ‘Come Travel with      geography, history, brain teasers,
                                                                                                        Me.’ For the activ-    etc. ... It keeps their minds active and

        Will a handful of states                                                                        ity, you could pro-
                                                                                                        vide relate items
                                                                                                                               everyone likes to talk about where
                                                                                                                               they grew up. It triggers memories

        be shaping your future?                                                                         such as food,
                                                                                     Covone-Henning music, pictures—
                                                                                                                               in others.”
                                                                                                                               —Administrator, Colleen McNulty,
                                                                                     movie/slideshow, trivia and other         Friendship Terrace Assisted Living,
        If long-term care hasn’t exactly been the lead story on the evening news-    educational information about the         Homer, AK
        cast lately, you can excuse the producers of the national broadcasts.        place you’re traveling to. The activity
          As of this writing, little things such as pirates taking Americans         room could be decorated to match                              “Here’s a sam-
        hostage off the coast of Africa, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and,           the state/country. For a monthly con-                         pling of daily
        oh yes, the loss of life savings amid the credit and housing markets         tinuation of the program, you could                           activities from
        crises were dominating the airwaves.                                         put a map up on the wall and mark                             one of our nursing
          But if someone had looked closely, my, what drama they also could          every place you’ve talked about.”                             homes: sitting at
        have found in long-term care land. Major budget bills, pro union-            —Director of Volunteer Services,                              a kitchen table
        organizing proposals, Five-Star ratings, MDS 3.0 intrigue. And               Kelly Covone-Henning, UPMC Senior         Cowdrick           in our household
        that’s not even kicking Obama healthcare reform proposals.                   Communities, Pittsburgh, PA               kitchen, drinking coffee (real! caffein-
          Worthy news items all. But not the one I’m looking forward to                                                        ated!) and reading Ask Amy advice
        following the most over the next few years.                                                      “Over a year ago,     columns with one of the volunteers;

     [ ]
          Tucked away in the final corner of March, not totally unnoticed                                we started what       setting the table for dinner; staying
                                                by provider groups but still not                         we call our ‘Health   up late watching videos in my room;
                                                ballyhooed to the right degree                           Info Meeting.’ Once   drawing with my set of 100 colored
                   “Nursing                     was another very intriguing                              a month I speak       pens; doing a jigsaw puzzle in the
             facilities in four                 news item.                                          
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