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									Alcoholism 2009;45(2):159–160                         Forthcoming Congresses and Conferences

             Forthcoming Congresses and Conferences


WPA Regional Meeting                             Fourth Symposium of Transcultural
Dhaka, Bangladesh                                Psychiatry
January 21–23, 2010                              Barcelona, Spain
Organized by: Bangladesh Association             June 25–26, 2010
of Psychiatry                                    Organized by: University of Vall d’Hebron
Contact: Prof. Akm Nazimuddowia                  Collaboration: University Autonoma de
                                                 Contact: Dr. Miguel Casas
WPA International Congress
Barcelona, Spain
April 14–16, 2010                                WPA Regional Meeting
Organized by: Spanish Society of Psychiatry      Beijing, China
Contact: Dr. Julio Vallejo                       September 1–5, 2010
                                                 Organized by: Chinese Society of Psychiatry
                                                 Contact: Dr. Yizhuang Zou
20th International Federation for                Website:
Psychotherapy World Congress of
Lucerne, Switzerland                             Sociedad, Multitud Y Salud Mental
June 16–19, 2010                                 Buenos-Aires, Argentina
Organized by: International Federation           September 18–18, 2010
for Psychotherapy                                Organized by: WPA Section on Mass-Media
Collaboration: Swiss Association for             & Mental Health
Psychiatry and Psychotherapy                     Collaboration: Foundation for Interdisciplinary
Contact: Dr. Ulrich Schnyder                   
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