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									Enviromation                                                                                                            490

time-consuming assessments as their environmental
impact is deemed insignificant.
                                                                                 New Brunswick
                                                                  Energy-Saving Program for Small and
                                                                  Medium-Sized Manufacturers
Greenhouse Gases Still Grow
                                                                       Efficiency NB has announced the development of the
     Environment Canada’s latest assessment of GHG emis-          new ‘‘Small and Medium Industrial Program’’ to help small
                                                                  and medium-sized manufacturers reduce their energy con-
sions indicates that they are again on a ‘‘significant’’ growth
                                                                  sumption and GHG emissions, identify the best opportuni-
trajectory despite federal and provincial commitments to          ties to save energy and minimize investment risk by deter-
take the issue seriously. After dipping slightly in 2004–2006,    mining a clear rate of return, and to project a dollar value
Canada’s total emissions surged as oil sands production           for future energy savings.
expanded, more electrical utilities turned to coal-fired gen-
eration and more vehicles were licensed. ‘‘Long-term                   According to New Brunswick Energy Minister Jack Keir,
growth remains significant’’, the department states in its        ‘‘This program will further assist New Brunswick’s small and
report, explaining that national emissions now are 33.8%          medium industries [to] become more competitive. By
                                                                  helping small and medium industries become more
higher than the country’s commitments under the Kyoto
                                                                  energy-efficient, we are helping them to compete in the
Protocol.                                                         global marketplace,. . .to reduce operating costs and invest
                                                                  their savings into their companies’’.
     Data up to 2007 are included in a national inventory
Environment Canada submitted to the United Nations Envi-
ronment Program to comply with reporting obligations.
Accessible at, the inventory shows that
                                                                  Developer’s Guide to Renewable Energy
Canada’s emissions growth since 1990 has outstripped              Released
those of any other G8 country with emissions totalling                The ‘‘New Brunswick Developer’s Guide to Renewable
747 megatonnes in 2007. That represents a 4% increase             Energy’’, outlining the regulatory process and approvals
from the previous year and a 26% increase from the Kyoto          required for renewable energy projects in New Brunswick,
Protocol 1990 baseline year’s total of 592 MT. Canadian           was released on June 9, 2009 by Energy Minister Jack Keir.
emissions dipped between 2004 and 2006, mainly due to             The Guide was created by Jacques Whitford Ltd.
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