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Kaplan Virtual Education
Schools Designed to Fit the Student
                                    Nancy Maldonado and Andrew Ordover

INTRODUCTION                                   with strong pedagogy offers educational

     n today’s changing world, technology      opportunities that prepare all of today’s
     is revolutionizing the ways in which      students for the twenty-first century.
     students can be educated. No longer
must a student be destined to failure
within the confines of the traditional brick   WHO IS THE
and mortar school. Whether it is a student     KVE ONLINE STUDENT?
with learning disabilities who needs to        Matt is an energetic seventh grader. His
study from home, a student who must            room is filled with pieces of the graphic
tend to health concerns, a student who         novel he is writing and illustrating himself.
must balance school with work or sports,       Some of those pieces end up posted on his
or a student who merely prefers home           website. He estimates that he spends about
schooling, virtual high schools can be a       two hours a day either working on the
great choice. KVE’s pairing of technology      novel or looking at websites or postings of

              Nancy Maldonado,                                Andrew Ordover,
           Director of School Policy                       Director of Academics,
            and Communications,                           Kaplan Virtual Education.
           Kaplan Virtual Education.                    Telephone: (520) 730-3600.
       Telephone: Tel: (305) 773-5256.                 E-mail: Aordover@kaplan.edu
       E-mail: nmaldonado@kaplan.edu

Volume 6, Issue 3                  Distance Learning                                      1
others. He is quick, curious and interested       bring up her math and science scores to
in the world, but sitting in a classroom has      graduate. Her plan is to go to nursing
never engaged his attention or imagina-           school and, eventually, medical school.
tion. He was a successful student in ele-            Matt, Esme, Anthony, and Raqui are not
mentary school, but his grades began to           real students, but personas created by the
fall when he started middle school.               Instructional Team at KVE to represent
   Esme is a sweet, shy girl. Her parents         types of students who enroll in our online
recently divorced, so she has had to adjust       learning programs—some part time, some
to living in both parents’ houses. Esme           full time. These personas help to identify
plays the flute and participates in a com-        typical students who need online learning
munity youth orchestra. She has two “best         and to focus on what their needs might be.
friends” who live close to her Mom’s              Many students choose online education
house, so she divides her time by hanging         because they have grown tired of having
out with them, going to the movies, and           to adapt themselves to the format of tradi-
shopping. When at her dad’s, she keeps in         tional schooling—the classrooms, the class
touch by texting. The educational chal-           periods, the daily schedule, and the pacing
lenge is that her parents now live in two         of the curriculum. While many progressive
different school districts, and it is difficult   and experimental schools exist across the
for her father to get her to and from schoo
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