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                    MTi – first of July, MTi – first of
                    Eh? “Pardon me?”, some may still be asking!
                        Though, I suspect few cannot NOW have failed
                    to realise that on 1 July on a laptop near you the
                    next edition of Mathematics Teaching will become
                    interactive.                                                 visitors and two men who, between them, have
                                            So what is all the fuss about?       been to 88 Easter gatherings!
                                            It will be a chance for you to            You will also see people attempting to solve a
                                       see and hear snippets from this           ‘difficult’ geometric problem, some student
                                       year’s successful Easter confer-          teachers at work, Paul Gailiunas working with
                                       ence at Swansea. The invitation           polyhedra, Helen Williams and some primary
                                       will be to feel the ‘buzz’ ignited        trainees, and much more that was captured during
                                       by Heather McCleay – who                  the conference.
                                       opened conference. There was a                 I am reminded that still to be filmed are:
                                       frisson this year that was                • two professors (hopefully) professing
                                              maintained across a wide           • a historian making a case for the contexts that
                                              range of seminars and                   created the mathematics
                                              meetings before coming to a        • a review of two books and ... I had better not
                                              rousing close with a witty              spoil it by telling you everything.
                                              retrospective by John Hibbs.            W
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