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                                 Playing with nonagons
                                   How well can you draw a regular nonagon freehand?
                                    Do you get better with practice?

                          Can you construct a perfect regular nonagon?
                         Draw a regular nonagon and all its diagonals.
                        How many diagonals are there?
                      Draw in the diagonals.
                   What triangles can you find in the diagram?
 What quadrilaterals are there?
 Can you find any sets of parallel lines?
 Can you find any sets of perpendicular lines?
 Draw two lines across a regular nonagon.

 What shapes do you get?
 Cut the nonagon along these lines.
 What shapes can you make by fitting
 them together in different ways?
 Make a design based upon nonagons.
 Can you make a design based on nonagons
 with different sizes?

 Alan Parr works at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge.

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