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									                                                                                                                                                     The beta installation of the HP Inkjet
                                                                                               : Commercial printer Consolidated Graph-           Web press was initiated in December at
                                                                                               ics and book printer Courier Corp. are the         O’Neil. Other installations are expected this
                                                                                               latest companies to place orders for HP’s          year at The CPI Group and Taylor Corp.,
                                                                                               new high-speed Inkjet Web Press platform,          in addition to Consolidated Graphics and
                                                                                               with installations planned for the second          Courier Corp.
                                                                                               and fourth quarters, respectively.                    “If you have the horsepower, with the right
                                                                                                  The HP Inkjet Web press prints with a           software and servers, it is truly just about
                                                                                               resolution of 1,200 dpi at full press speed        feeding” data to the press, said Lucanish,
                                                                                               of 400 feet per minute. Such high-speed            referring to the throughput capabilities of the
                                                                                               inkjet presses are widely expected to give a       inkjet press. In the past, when clients wanted
                                                                                               boost to digital print because of their ability    digital jobs faster, O’Neil would have had to
                                                                                               to bring color to variable data print cost         add more presses, he explained.
                                                                                               effectively, compatibility with a wide range
                                                                                               of media, including uncoated offset stock
                                                                                               and newsprint as well as their speed.
                                                                                                  Océ currently has a similar press com-
                                                                                               mercially available, RR Donnelley is using
                                                                                               one that it developed in-house, and other
                                                                                               manufacturers are expected to come to
                                                                                               market with their own versions.
                                                                                                  “The current economy is accelerating the
                                                                                               demand for digital print,” said Jan Riecher,
                                                                                               VP and GM Americas, HP’s graphics solu-
                                                                                               tions business, at a recent open house for
                                                                                               trade press to see the new press. With busi-          O’Neil is in the process of converting
                                                                                               nesses spending less on print and looking          all of the healthcare materials it prints to
                                                                                               for ways to reduce inventory, digital is an        the inkjet press. During open enrollment
                                                                                               important strategy for increasing the ROI          months, O’Neil produces up to 11 mil-
                                                                                               of print and reducing inventory, and “the          lion healthcare booklets in a month with
                                                                                               Inkjet Web Press is a significant next step”        personalized information, such as a list of
                                                                                               in digital print technology, he continued.         pharmacies within five miles of the recipi-
                                                                                                  “I look at what HP has developed as a           ent’s home.
                                                                                               game changer,” said James Lucanish, presi-            With the inkjet press, O’Neil can increase
                                                                                               dent at O’Neil Data Systems, which hosted          its productivity and offer clients high-quality
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