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									                                                    The blog,, follows the         have on Romeo the cat,” said Shaw. “Tar-
: Pet marketers are finding that social media     life of Romeo, a cat who was adopted from         geting people who are cat indulgent can be       : List marketing is in the spotlight on June
is helping connect owners to pets, pets to       a shelter and is now working to raise money       difficult to do through traditional media,        15, with not just one, but two events focused
owners and pet products to both, in what         to help other animals find homes and proper        and what social networking does is allow         on the channel. The Direct Marketing Asso-
is expected to be a $45.4 billion industry       care. Each month, it runs a Furpower Dona-        the cat audience to find us.”                     ciation will honor Adrea Rubin, CEO of
this year.                                       tion Challenge, in which viewers are called           Unlike traditional cat litters, which tend   Adrea Rubin Marketing Inc., as 2009 List
   Pet Airways, a new pet-only airline that      to send in their pet photos and stories and a     to position their advertising more like a        Leader of the Year for her contribution to the
will offer cross-country flights for pets only,   $1 donation, which is then given to a selected    cleaning product than a pet product, Feline      industry over 35 years. Also, in partnership
is using social media to help promote its new    pet friendly charity or service. Feline Pine      Pine aims to connect with consumers on           with the List Leaders Group, the DMA will
brand and to help with animal adoption           sponsors the competition and runs ads.            an emotional level similar to how cat food       host the FastForward 2009 conference.
through a new partnership with pet-focused          “People that go to the site are people that    marketers connect, Shaw said.                       Rubin chairs this year’s FastForward
ad network DogTime Media. The idea               love their cats and are people who are spend-         “The pet food business does a lot to con-    event, which differs from its usual format.
behind the partnership is to extend the reach    ing time thinking about the products that         nect owners on an emotional level, but the                                “I said that I would
of DogTime Media’s DogFinder pet adop-           they buy for their cats,” said Bob Shaw, CEO      litter business has been terrible about this,”                            take the reins only
tion program, a Web site that helps connect      of Concentric Marketing, the agency that          he said. “From a marketing perspective,                                   if I could change it,”
pets with owners and encourages consumers        works with Feline Pine. “The goal of Romeo        we’ve understood that there is an oppor-                                  Rubin explained. The
to look beyond their local regions for pets      is to build a community of people that are        tunity to connect with consumers around                                   event will be an inter-
available for adoption, because pets now can     engaged and interested in the travails of these   their emotions to connect with pets.”                                     active half-day work-
be flown. Traditionally, consumers look for       cats and as a sponsor, it gives [Feline Pine] a       Feline Pine also is connecting with con-                              shop facilitated by
pets within 50 miles of their homes.             way to be a very grassroots brand.”               sumers on a recently launched Twitter feed.                               Edie Weiner, author
   The partnership cross-promotes both Dog-         Feline Pine has found that connecting          Feline Pine’s staff veterinarian will use the                 
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