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                     hElPIng hands the Xlerator hand dryer from
                      excel dryer, inc. is an infrared sensor activated
                      dryer that dries hands completely in 10 to 15 sec-
                      onds. Made from die-cast zinc alloy, the one-piece
                      unit is lightweight, unbreakable and rustproof. the
                      Xlerator hand dryer is available in bright, plated-
                      chrome or a chip-proof, electrostatically-applied
                      paint finish and comes with a five-year warranty.

                      for more information on the Xlerator hand dryer

KIt and CaBoodlE
bai-belimo electronic
actuator retrofit
kits allow heating,
ventilating and air                                                            ClEan MaChInE
conditioning (hvaC)                                                            the hePa-aire h2500iv intellivac
valves to be up-fitted                                                         by abatement technology is a
without shutting                                                               portable vacuum for residential and
down and draining                                                              commercial air duct cleaning. With
the system. the kits                                                           its lightweight, four-module design,
feature an actuator                                                            one or more of the upper modules
that is compatible with                                                        can be quickly detached from the
many control inputs                                                            main power module and hand car-
and all direct digital                                                         ried. this duct cleaner also includes
control (ddC) systems                                                          performance-enhancing “smart”
and includes the                                                               electronics with f
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