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									          INSIDE IREM | SneaK PeaK 2009 SucceSS SerieS | LLS HiGHLiGHtS

snEaK PEaK at suCCEss sErIEs 2009                                                   IREM Member
here is a preview of just a few of the education sessions offered at success        Honored for
series 2009 in hawaii this october! visit www.ccimiremsuccessseries.                Contributions to Real
com for the full schedule and registration information.                             Estate Management
successful women in real Estate                                                     ireM faculty mem-
About 36 percent of commercial real estate professionals are now women.             ber stephen Cary,
Throughout the industry, women are chief executives and financial officers,         CPM®, vice presi-
and of course, brokers and real estate managers. But, as in other industries,       dent of nP dodge
fewer than 25 women hold CEO positions within the Fortune 1000. It’s clear          Management
that women have a long way to go before achieving parity with men at the            Company of
highest levels of commercial real estate. The                                       omaha, neb., was
panel discussion will include:                                                      recently honored
• The driving forces behind the progress women                                      by the ireM foundation with its
  have made                                                                         lloyd d. hanford sr. distinguished
• Their ability to create value for their companies                                 faculty award. the hanford award is
• What must be done to achieve real equality                                        presented periodically to a member
                                                                                    of the ireM faculty who has shown
Bridge over troubled assets                                                         extraordinary dedication to the educa-
Make money in a weak economy—discover the                                           tional process and the advancement
opportunities! During this session you will learn                                   of knowledge in the real estate man-
from expert practitioners on how to be success-                                     agement profession. it commemorates
ful with distressed assets in today’s market. Understanding how the com-            the direct contributions of lloyd d.
mercial real estate market got to where it is today is essential for figuring out   
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