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such statements. OT Now encourages            E-mail: advertising@caot.ca                      Tel. (613) 587-4124, Fax (613) 587-4121, email: otnow@caot.ca
dialogue on issues affecting occupa-
tional therapists and welcomes your           SUBSCRIPTIONS
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participation.                                Linda Charney (613) 523-2268, ext. 242
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Michaëlle Jean C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., C.D.     is a per page, per table or figure charge                    Grant, Robin Jewers, & Darla King
Governor General of Canada                    for commercial use. Individual members            Ex-officio: Marcia Finlayson & Brenda McGibbon Lammi
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Elizabeth Taylor, PhD                         if such copies are distributed without
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