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                   CAOT endorsed courses                                                     CAOT endorsement, e-mail
                                                                                             Tel. (800) 434-2268, ext. 231

 CAOT lEARNINg SERvICES                         Santiago, Chile                            0444; fax: (604) 254-0447 E-mail:
                                                4 – 7 May 2010                   
 Co-Hosted with OSOT                  
 June 3-6                                       Abstract submission closes:                Myofascial Release Seminars:
 CAOT 2009 Conference:                          15 April 2009                              Myofascial Release I
 Engaging in healthy occupation:                Email:                                     Myofascial Release II
 Partners for change                                            Myofascial Mobilization
 Ottawa, Ontario                                                                           Pediatric Myofascial Release
 Tel: (800) 434-2268 ext 232                    Mcgill University                          Fascial-Pelvis Myofascial Release
 E-mail:                     School of Physical and Occupational        Cervical-Thoracic Myofascial Release
                                                Therapy Graduate Certificate in Assess-    Myofascial Unwinding
 CAOT Conference 2009                           ing Driving Capabilities                   Dates: Various dates and locations
 Pre-Conference workshops                       * POTH-673 Screening for at Risk Drivers   For information: www.myofascial-
 CO-OP (Cognitive Orientation                   * POTH-674 Assessing Driving Ability
 to daily Occupational Perfor-                  (summer);                                  Assessment of Motor and
 mance): Discovering strategies                 * POTH-675 Driving Assessment Practi-      Process Skills (AMPS)
 for enabling occupational per-                 cum (fall)                                 Workshop
 formance -                                     * POTH-676 Adaptive Equipment and          Date: May 4-8, 2009
 CO-OP: À la découverte de                      Driving (winter/spring);                   Contact: Pauline Fitzgerald at
 stratégies pour promouvoir le                  * POTH-677 Retraining Driver Skills Telephone: 902-
 rendement occupationnel                        (summer/fall).                             494-6351 Fax: 902-494-1229
     June 2 & 3, 2009                           Tel.: (514) 398-3910
                                                E-mail: Web-          Sensory Processing Measure
 Tapping into Cochrane: how can       
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