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									Occupation-based program development in
primary health care
Melissa Howey, Tania Angelucci, Dawn Johnston and Elizabeth Townsend

 Inclusion of occupation-based programs in primary          ronment with a focus on client-             About the authors –
 health care increases the availability of services that    centred occupations (Wittman &              Melissa howey, MSc(OT),
 contribute to comprehensive, quality primary health        Velde, 2001).                               is an occupational thera-
 care and to occupational community development                The difference between the               pist at the Vancouver
                                                                                                        General Hospital
 (Lauckner, Pentland, & Patterson, 2008). In this article   two approaches is the focus on
                                                                                                        Vancouver, British Co-
 we illustrate how a theoretical understanding of oc-       disability and illness prevention in        lumbia.
 cupation and enablement may be applied to develop          primary health care and the reme-
                                                                                                        Tania Angelucci, MSc(OT),
 primary health care occupational therapy.                  diation or rehabilitation of exist-
                                                                                                        is an occupational
                                                            ing disability or illness through           therapist in the Living Sky
 Occupation-based primary health care                       community-based occupational                School Division in North
 Primary health care places attention on health pro-        therapy. In the past twenty years           Battleford, Saskatchewan.
 motion, disease prevention, and identifies needs to        there has been a shift from institu- Dawn Johnston, MSc(OT),
 increase access to services for all individuals (Health    tion-based, remedial occupational           is an occupational thera-
 Canada, 2006). The goal of primary heath care is to        therapy to community-based                  pist for Harbourstone
                                                                                                        Enhanced Care Sydney in
 provide preventative services as opposed to reactive       remedial occupational therapy.
                                                                                                        Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
 services that focus on the diagnosis and treatment of      Now the shift is extending
 illness and injury. Primary health care encompasses        occupational therapy into primary           Elizabeth Townsend, PhD.,
                                                                                                        OT (C), Reg. NS, is a Profes-
 services beyond traditional health care to include         health care within the community,
                                                                                                        sor and the Director of
 education, income, housing, and environment (Health        redefining health as physical,              the School of Occupation-
 Canada, 2006).                                             mental, and social well-being               al Therapy at Dalhousie
    Client-centred, occupation-based health care has        rather than simply the absence of           University in Halifax, Nova
 been the implicit if not explicit theoretical founda-      disease (Perrin & Wittman, 2001).           Scotia.
 tion for remedial occupational therapy for many years         Community-based occupational
 (Townsend & Polatajko, 2007). Occupational therapists      therapy aims to remediate the impact of everyday life
 have a role in primary health care by focusing on the      changes in a client’s community, including changes
 occupational needs of populations, and on enabling oc-     within the multiple systems of clients: psychological,
 cupational performance and engagement as a means           emotional, physical and social, by using occupations
 of preventing injury and promoting
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