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[...] I apologize to my victims and their families for the incredible harm that I have done in their lives and the criminal acts that I perpetrated on them. [...] I apologize to the church and especially to fellow priests who were also harmed and thus victimized by my behavior.

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                                             Founded	in	1924

                                             Paul	Baumann
                                             Managing Editor		
                                             Patrick	Jordan
                                             Associate Editors	
                               Grant	Gallicho,	Matthew	Boudway
                                              Assistant Editor	
                                                                                         Victims, justice & the church
                                        Mollie	Wilson	O’Reilly
                                    Production Editor & Webmaster		                      DOUBLE	STANDARD                                  circumstances, or fears inhibited disclo-
                                              Tiina	Aleman                               The editorial “Seeking Justice” (May 8)          sure in years past have their opportunity
                                                Copy Editor		                            was insightful as far as it went, but there      for public vindication. You are right that
                                          Susanne	Washburn
                                                                                         is far more to the story of justice and stat-    this is not the whole answer and that fur-
                                            Editorial Assistant		
                                        Christopher	Cimorelli
                                                                                         utes of limitation as applied to claims of       ther reconciliation must happen also on
                                                                                         misconduct against Catholic dioceses and         individual levels. I agree that the Markey
                                            Business Manager		
                                            Sandra	J.	Taylor                             institutions. The bishops are entirely justi-    bill is flawed and should not be supported
                                               Development	                              fied to rally against retroactive application    in its present form if public institutions
                                           Christa	A.	Kerber                             of revised civil statutes of limitation. As      are to be exempt. The church might do
                                                   Poetry		                              has been written by at least one bishop,         far better to promote such an opportunity
                                             Rosemary	Deen
                                                                                         “Statutes of limitations exist to promote        by admitting, “Yes, we too may suffer
                             Richard	Alleva,	Rand	Richards	Cooper
                                                                                         justice, not hinder it.”                         further humiliation and be wounded
                                                                                             However, the U.S. bishops as a body          financially, but we are not about to ask
                                                Celia	Wren                               have also aggressively lobbied the Holy          the victims of our neglect to continue to
                                                 Columnists	                             See since 2002 to grant a blanket dispen-        live with their wounds through a public
                                 E.	J.	Dionne	Jr.,	John	Garvey,		                        sation from prescription—the statute of          silence.” Provisions could perhaps be
                            Melinda	Henneberger,	Cathleen	Kaveny,	
                                  Jo	McGowan,	William	Pfaff                              limitations for the prosecution of a delict      made about financial settlements, but
                                         Marketing Coordinator	                          (a crime) in canon law—so that accused           the church ought to risk itself on the side
                                           Nicole	Benevenia                              priests can face penal processes, includ-        of the victim, not in the protection of its
                                          Advertising Manager		                          ing forced laicization, years or decades         bank accounts.
                                            Roth	Advertising                             after the period of prescription in church                                  david e. pasinski

                            Commonweal,	[ISSN	0010-3330]	A Review of
                                                                                         law has expired. The bishops should not                                    Fayetteville, N.Y.
                            Public Affairs, Religion, Literature, and the Arts,	         have it both ways. Retroactive application
                            is	published	biweekly	except	Christmas/New	Year;	
                            and	monthly	July	and	August,	by	Commonweal	                  of new statutes of limitations is as unjust      NO	MORE	VICTIMS
                            Foundation,	475	Riverside	Drive,	Rm.	405,	New	               and immoral in canon law as it is in civil       I write to you from Riverbend Maximum
                            York,	NY	10115.	Telephone:	(212)	662-4200.	
                            E-mail:	                     and criminal law.          ryan a. macdonald     Security Institution in Nashville, Tennes-
                            Toll-free:	888-495-6755.	Fax:	(212)	662-4183.	
                            Advertising	correspondence	should	be	sent	to	
                                                                                                                     Indianapolis, Ind.   see, where I am serving a twenty-five-year
                            Roth	Advertising,	Inc.,	P.O.	Box	93,	Sea	Cliff,	New	                                                          sentence for rape and aggravated sexual
                            York,	NY	11579	(516)	674-8603.	postmaster:	send	
                            address	changes	to	Commonweal,	P.O.	Box	3000,	               CH
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