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									             Hearing Loss Professionals
            Offer Kudos to the Academy!
  The American Academy of Hearing Loss Support Specialists™ 2009
W      hen HLAA launched the Ameri-
can Academy of Hearing Loss Support
                                           and is positioned to grow in exciting
                                           ways. In the past few months two major
                                                                                         a topic that is often not included in
                                                                                         discussions of hearing loss for health
Specialists (“the Academy”) in 2006,       associations have accredited the Acad-        professionals. This provided a much
the organization envisioned it as a        emy learning program (the course can          stronger base for me when I talk to
powerful educational forum for peo-        be formally used toward the continu-          other health professionals about
ple coping with hearing loss and those     ing education credits necessary in these      hearing loss and what is available
interacting with them. The Academy’s       career paths)—the Commission on               to persons with hearing loss.”
mission is to provide an easy-to-take      Rehabilitation Counselor Certification
                                                                                         Margaret I. Wallhagen, PhD, GNP-BC, AGSF,
(inexpensive, online, self-paced, dis-     (CRCC) and the National Association
                                                                                         FAAN; Professor, Department of Physiological
tance learning) program that estab-        of Social Workers (NASW). And the             Nursing; Director, John A. Hartford Center
lishes core knowledge about hearing        American Academy of Nurse Practitio-          of Geriatric Nursing, Excellence School
loss applicable to a broad audience.       ners (AANP) is in the process of giving       of Nursing, University of California,
Specifically, HLAA intends to build ac-    it accreditation.                             San Francisco
curate, foundational knowledge about            Becoming accredited through ad-
hearing loss, increase understanding,      ditional associations is a major focus        “I have been hard of hearing all my
improve services for people coping         for 2009, because when the Academy            life, and had countless examples of
with hearing loss, and enhance the         counts toward CEUs (continuing edu-           struggles. Because of my life experience
professionalism and effectiveness          cation units), professionals nationwide       with being hard of hearing I felt that
of the many people in diverse pro-         will be incented to take the course and       my knowledge level was extensive,
fessions who provide hearing loss          gain accurate information about hear-         but after taking the HLAA Academy
support services.                          ing loss.                                     course I was amazed at how much
     Launching a unique, innovative                                                      more depth the education and infor-
learning program is no mean feat.                                                        mation it offered brought to both my
                                           Hear it From the
Beyond creation and development,                                                         personal life and my career.”
                                           Graduates’ Own Words
it takes time to stabilize, to publicize
                                                                                         Olivia Bills
and grow, and to attract the ideal mix
                                           “The Academy provided 
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