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									                           By Michael Stone
                                              D    uring the February 2009 Board of Trustees meeting in Bethesda, sharp focus was
                                              placed on the organization’s financial condition. This is understandable given the
                                              current economic crisis. The HLAA staff will do as they have always done: keep ex-
                                              penses lean, focus on creating awareness about hearing loss as a major public health
                                              issue and reduce its stigma, and continue to fundraise to support programs.
                                                   The Board of Trustees also approved HLAA’s current charge which defines the
                                              most critical issues facing the organization and outlines the strategy to achieve the
                                              goals. Among the important objectives are the following:

                                              • Assist people with hearing loss who seek to improve their ability to communicate.
                                              • Advocate to make all levels of society more communication accessible
                                                to people with hearing loss.
                                              • Maintain HLAA as the premier consumer organization for the hearing
                                                loss community.
                                              • Expand our network and seek to build state organizations in all 50 states.
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                                              • Partner with other hearing loss organizations to achieve common goals.

                                                   These objectives are not necessarily new but a systematic coordinated approach
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