Old Hickory Guardsmen fire new artillery round in Iraq by ProQuest


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									established written standard.                       before the systems are in place.                   Coalition target acquisition radar can be
    Key personnel from the platoon had                  Because of the immense responsibilities        successful as a counterfire team.
to pass written tests. The entire section           placed on artillery mentors, someone must              This should be the first step toward our
had to demonstrate their competence in              assume the duty of formally training them          end state. Successful accomplishment of
occupation and live-fire crew drills. Once          enroute to Afghanistan. The challenges             this mission will build pride and satisfaction
the platoon completed the course and was            faced by these mentors are too great to            and will speed the ANA artillery’s growth
certified, the soldiers returned to their           expect them to learn on the fly. Before their      and break its current stagnation. ▪
forward operating base — ready to provide           deployments, they must receive hands-on
basic counterfire support.                          training on the D30 and its peculiarities.

 T   he way ahead. With the hard work of
     the artillery mentors, the partnership
of Coalition units, new TTPs, standardized
                                                    They must understand the advances made
                                                    by the previous mentor teams to continue
                                                    those efforts. The current learning and
                                                                                                       Major Daryl L. Fullerton, field artillery, is the
                                                                                                       Deputy Lethal Fires Chief for the 82nd Airborne
                                                                                                       Division and Combined-Joint Task Force-82.
terms and documents, and the new                    relearning has stifled the ANA’s progress.         He served as the executive officer for 2nd
                                                                                                       Battalion, 321st Field Artillery, (Airborne), 82nd
automated A-FAC, the ANA artillery can              We can do better.
                                                                                                       Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, North Carolina,
conduct basic indirect fire relatively soon.            Without trained observers and fire             deploying in support of Operation Enduring
However, this capability is not sustainable         supporters in the ANA maneuver units and           Freedom. Previous assignments include Firing
until the future ANA field artillery school         an Afghan-led standardization program, the         Battery Observer/Controller–Trainer for Army
begins training fire direction specialists,         long-term goal of ANA artillery’s firing in        National Guard units in Virginia, West Virginia
forward observers and artillery NCO
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