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                       COVER FOCUS               By Deborah L. O’Mara

      PBFAA Members
      Bring the Best to ESX
      27 years of industry advocacy

                    eems like only yester-      “PBFAA has been the consum-          first to produce a comprehensive
                    day a group of indus-    mate diplomat in industry affairs,”     award-winning newsletter cover-
                    try icons the likes of   said Dale Eller, executive director     ing its five regions.
                    the late Ray Eller and   and the owner of ITZ Solutions! as
                    Keith Ladd, as well as   well as NBFAA’s director of educa-      Education fi rst and foremost
      Patrick Egan and other important       tion and standards. (Dale’s father         Educating members continues
      advocates gathered in an informal      Ray was an original founder of the      to be a goal for PBFAA just as it
      setting to discuss the future of the   association). “While we haven’t had     was in its infancy, and ESX is the
      burglar and fire alarm industry.       some of the burning issues other        perfect place for members to get
      The year was 1982 and that think       associations had, we’ve always ral-     the training they need, continued
      tank morphed into the creation of      lied around common causes and           Eller, who added that more PBFAA
      the Pennsylvania Burglar and Fire      really made a difference,” he said.     members are beginning to embrace
      Alarm Association (PBFAA)—now             Based in Erie, Pa., the organi-      IT and networking concepts and
      one of the largest and most influen-   zation has been quick to cham-          as such education becomes even
      tial organizations in the industry.    pion causes for the industry on a       more paramount. “Right now, as
         It’s only befitting that an orga-   national level, while at the same       far as who is getting into IP and IT,
      nization with the track record of      time racking up a fine list of its      it seems smaller firms with one to
      PBFAA host this year’s ESX show        own ‘firsts.’ For example, PBFAA        five employees are not embracing
      in Baltimore. PBFAA has always         was one of the first charter chapter    it; while medium to larger compa-
      been one to rally support around       members of the National Burglar         nies we queried had the opposite
      industry causes and many state         and Fire Alarm Association (NB-         response—they are embracing the
      associations in advocacy of pro-       FAA) and the first to hold National     technology.”
      moting professional and the high-      Training School Level I techni-            Whether it’s the large national
      est level of business acumen.          cian training; as well as one of the    companies, one- and two-man

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