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                                                                          By Jennifer Toscano

Calculate the Savings—Wired versus Wireless
                  INTEGRATORS WANT SIMPLIFIED offerings                  hardware as the reader, lock, DPS, REX, electron-
               that are easy to use and install. They want the sys-      ic strike, reader interface module, door wiring
               tems to work from the get-go instead of having to         and other equipment, replacing all with wireless
               tinker with them. When it comes to access control,        access control cylindrical locks with proximity
               there are typically two options: wireless or hard-        system and the PIM. Wired cost is $12,216.73
               wired. Nowadays, the combination of wired and             versus $12,923 for the wireless system. That’s
               wireless implementations is also quite common.            close but wired looks like the better investment.
               For instance, in new construction, it is cost-effective   Or does it?
               to install the wiring as the building is be-
               ing built. However, for vehicle entrances or
               buildings on the perimeter, it would be ad-
               vantageous to use wireless access control. In
               aftermarket applications, an integrator may
               combine wired openings for the perimeter
               and wireless access on the interior openings.
                  From a dollars and cents standpoint, it’s
               easy to determine whether you should be
               promoting wired, wireless or a combina-
               tion of the two for your upcoming job.
                  By analyzing Figure 1 (below), let’s de-
               termine costs for an 11-story building of
               830,000-plus square feet with 15 access
               points per floor. In the fourth column are the
               savings with wireless. For instance, there are
               83 percent less SKUs, 99 percent less wire
               and 91 percent less connections. Depending on the           Looking at the labor, you will discover a re-
               time it takes to wire the building, the amount of         sounding difference. To implement the wired sys-
               time saved runs between 75 to 95 percent.                 tem would cost $5,440 in lab
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