Applications for Covert Video by ProQuest


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									TECH TIPS
                                                                                By Jake Lahmann

Applications for Covert Video
                       COVERT VIDEO IS A TRUE CRIME STOP-                    times, businesses are on high alert against fraud.
                    PER and it increasingly is meeting the needs of          Covert cameras have been a tremendous asset
                    countless applications in public service, business       in these situations, as they can prove definitively
                    operations and in the home uses. Its many uses           that an accident did not happen the way in which
                    range from “nanny cams” to hidden cameras                the claimant said it happened.
                    used in retail businesses to nabbing shoplifters; for       • Robbery – We’ve all seen videos on the eve-
                    corporate businesses which need to keep a covert         ning news that show how traditional CCTV does
                    “eye” on employees, to working with police officers      little to deter criminals robbing a business. Un-
                    going undercover. Here are some possible applica-        fortunately, criminals have learned to hide their
                    tions and talking points for covert video technol-       faces from cameras or to wear a shirt with a
                    ogy, which continues to find interest from the end       hood. The solution in at-risk businesses is a well-
                    user and others as they find new ways to deploy          placed pinhole camera which looks directly up at
                    the technology.                                          the criminal’s face. Because it’s covert, the crimi-
                                                                             nal doesn’t know to look away.
                    Law Enforcement
                       Law enforcement was the earliest adopter of co-       In the Home
                    vert video decades ago. Covert video can provide           • Burglary – According to FBI statistics, 87
                    evidence for rock solid cases that rarely go to court    percent of all burglaries go unsolved. Covert
                    and has also been the most useful tool for keeping       video can change these numbers. Burglars will
                    undercover officers out of harm’s way. It is used in     do their best to destroy traditional cameras, cut
                    almost every facet of law enforcement operations         cables, spray paint lenses, simply avoid them or
                    from drug enforcement to white-collar crime in-          wear a hooded shirt. However, they’ll never see
                    vestigations and interrogations. Now covert video        a well hidden covert camera as it captures their
                    is being adapted to patrol activities as a way to cap-   image for identification purposes.
The Supercircuits   ture events in their undisturbed state, and to pro-        • Domestic Concerns – Many individuals have
line of covert   
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