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From the Editor...                       My long-term goal is to return to a
                                         monthly publication schedule while
                                                                                your friends. Consider donating a
                                                                                subscription to your local library.
                                         keeping the size of each issue the
If you are just about to start read-                                            Please keep sending me your com-
                                         same. The key to achieving this
ing this issue, I hope you will like                                            ments, suggestions, and article
                                         goal is to increase the circulation.
the new layout and larger size. And                                             ideas. Working together we can
                                         And I need your help to do this.
if you are just finishing the issue, I                                          make Pediatrics for Parents even
hope you found the new look and          If your subscription is about to ex-   better.
size resulted in a more enjoyable        pire (there’s an “*” after your name
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