; AANA Mid-Year Assembly Focuses on Political Involvement
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AANA Mid-Year Assembly Focuses on Political Involvement


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       AANA Mid-Year Assembly Focuses
       on Political Involvement
               uring April 19–22, 2009, more than 600 CRNAs and students           vidual who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of

      D        converged upon Washington, D.C., for a busy and productive
               Mid-Year Assembly.
          Each year, the Mid-Year Assembly offers the nurse anesthesia
                                                                                   the national healthcare agenda of CRNAs by coordinating grassroots
                                                                                   CRNA involvement at the state level or through special contributions
                                                                                   to the federal political process.
       community an opportunity to get involved in political issues impor-             The AANA also extended its highest public policy honor, the
       tant to the profession, while meeting with AANA officers, directors,        National Health Leadership Award, to Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH).
       and candidates for national AANA leadership. The Mid-Year                       The AANA Washington, D.C. staff presented a lively program of
       Assembly is also a time when the AANA honors leaders within                 educational sessions on lobbying and political issues. On Wednesda
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