Preface to Proposed AANA Resolutions

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					     Preface to Proposed AANA Resolutions
     Prepared by: AANA Resolutions Committee
     Keith W. Larson, CRNA, MS - Chair
     Kathleen A. Cook, CRNA, MS
     Theresa D. Crawley, CRNA, MSHSA
     Elizabeth A. Thompson, CRNA
     Tony Umadhay, CRNA, MSN

     Article XVIII of the AANA Bylaws requires that resolutions be received by the Executive Director at least 90 days prior to the Annual Meeting. No
     resolutions have been received from AANA’s membership this year. However, Section 4 of this article does provide for the submission of designated
     emergency resolutions during the open hearing of the Resolutions Committee on Friday, August 7th during the 2009 Annual Meeting in San Diego.
     Consideration of any emergency resolution by the membership shall first require a majority vote of the membership as to its proper designation as
     an Emergency Resolution. It should be noted that anyone submitting an emergency resolution is requested to provide sufficient copies so that those
     in attendance may visually review the resolution prior to voting. It is estimated that 500 copies will be needed this year.

     Preface to Proposed Amendments to the AANA
     Bylaws and Standing Rules
     Prepared by: AANA Bylaws Committee
     Philip J. Powers, CRNA, BSA, Chair
     Cindy R. Black, CRNA
     Vance A. Crain, CRNA, MS
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