Barclays India adds loyalty program by ProQuest


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									                                                                                                  : Barclays Global Retail and Commercial
                                                                                                  Bank (GRCB) India has launched a new
                                                                                                  loyalty program for its Retail Liabilities Divi-
                                                                                                  sion with help from ElectraCard Services.
                                                                                                     The loyalty program is designed to help
                                                                                                  Barclays increase customer registration for
                                                                                                  and usage of its multiple service channels,
                                                                                                  including mobile banking, SMS alerts, debit
                                                                                                  cards, ATM and online banking. The pro-
                                                                                                  gram is a first for Barclays GRCB India,
                                                                                                  which has not attempted loyalty programs
                                                                                                  before. ElectraCard was chosen to manage
                                                                                                  the solution because it has industry experi-
                                                                                                  ence with loyalty and rewards programs.
                                                                                                     “Loyalty programs encourage our target
                                                                                                  customers to use electronic channels, as the
                                                                                                  customer receives reward points,” wrote
                                                                                                  Ramanathan Gopalakrishnan, interim man-
                                                                                                  aging director and COO, Barclays GRCB,
                                                                                                  India, in an e-mail to DMNews. “These elec-
                                                                                                  tronic channels help customers to fulfill their
                                                                                                  banking needs and transactions on channels
                                                                                                  without the need to visit our branches.”
                                                                                                     Gopalakrishnan added that the idea
                                                                                                  behind the new loyalty program is to reach
                                                                                                  out to as many customers as possible through
                                                                                                  Barclay’s electronic channels. Rewarding
                                                                                                  customers for using the channels is expected
                                                                                                  to help Barclays GRCB India increase chan-
                                                                                                  nel transactions. The program launched
                                                                                                  in early March, and, after one and a half
                                                                                                  months, Gopalakrishnan reports seeing an
                                                                                                  upward trend in e-channel usage.
                                                                                                     Barclays started offering commercial
                                                                                                  banking services in India in late 2006.
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