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									        6 | DMNEWS | May 4, 2009 | www.dmnews.com


        Method selects Euro RSCG                                                                            NAILEDIT
        SF as its new digital agency                                                                        Damian Bazadona, president
                                                                                                            of digital agency Situation
                                                                                                            Interactive, discusses a multi-
                                                                                         Euro will          pronged mobile campaign the
                                                                                         work on the
                                                                                         Web site for
                                                                                                            agency did over the past six
                                                                                         the line of        months for Blue Man Group.
                                                                                         home and
                                                                                         personal care      Q Why did you decide that mobile                show since it’s very interactive A typical
                                                                                         products           would be an effective channel for the           show features a large video screen that
                                                                                                            Blue Man Group (BMG) campaign?                  displays messages. We had one of the
                                                                                                                                                            messages be a call for fans in the audience
                                                                                                            A We wanted to get visitors to Las Vegas        to text in with their e-mail address for a
                                                                                                            interested in seeing the Blue Man Group,        chance to receive a backstage tour. For the
                                                                                                            and also to continue to have a relation-        fans that didn’t win, they received a “thank
                                                                                                            ship with those customers. We realized          you” e-mail and were asked if they wanted
        By Chantal Todé                                    The initial focus will be on product, with a     that a mobile campaign would be ideal.          to stay on BMG’s e-mail list. We also cre-
        : As the new digital AOR for premium eco-       push to get up on the site more information         There are a lot of possibilities for interac-   ated a WAP version of the BMG site and
        friendly home care products brand Method,       on product development and what’s includ-           tion, and [the mobile device] is the one        an iPhone game that consumers could
        agency Euro RSCG San Francisco will be          ed in the packaging and formulations.               thing people always have on them.               interact with on their smart phones.
        looking to make digital a bigger part of the       The goal of these efforts is to encourage
        brand’s customer communication efforts.         trial, Fung said. “We want to make sure             Q What was your approach?                       Q Why is this interactive element impor-
           “We came in with a strong recommenda-        people know how effective these products                                                            tant to a mobile campaign?
        tion that digital is at the core [of Method’s   are while at the same time being healthy            A   We looked at all aspects of ticket
        eco-friendly message], but they’re not cur-     for your home,” he explained                        buying cycles to see how mobile fits            A With mobile the consumer is clearly
        rently taking advantage of this,” said Mike        Highlighting how the products look will          into that. Since Vegas is such a walk-          in control; they have opted in for a spe-
        Fung, executive creative director at Euro       be another goal. “You may see more of a             up market, we did a “text and snipe” in         cific reason. The consumer knows exactly
        RSCG San Francisco. He explained that           stripped down shell that works harder to            conjunction with BMG bus ads, where             what they are engaging in, and they do
        Method does more than just make eco-            showcase the products because the indus-            the ads had a short code you could text         not usually want 1,000 text blasts. When
        friendly products and is infused with a         trial design is so beautiful,” said Fung.           to win tickets. We also offered consum-         you can run mobile campaigns where the
        planet-friendly ideology from top to bot-          A secondary goal will be to build up the         ers on the official Blue Man Group Web           consumer can interact with the brand, they
        tom, but this idea currently isn’t coming       brand’s social marketing strategy. There is         site the ability to give us their mobile        are more willing to listen to the message.
        across on the brand’s Web site.                 already an active group of approximately            number and date they will arrive in Las
           The agency is tasked with developing         10,000 consumers who have joined its                Vegas to receive last-minute availability       Q What were 
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