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									to infer that bilingual school psycholo-
gists are school psychologists that just                          Best Practice Guidelines for                                                               II. Depth, Breadth, and Focus of the
so happen to also be bilingual. Together,
all of the participants of the Bilingual                          School Psychology Internships                                                                  2.1 The internship for specialist level
                                                                                                                                                             interns includes at least 1,200 hours,
School Psychology Interest Group meet-                            BY JOSEPH S. PRUS
                                                                                                                                                             and the internship for doctoral interns
ing proposed some pertinent factors                                                                                                                          includes at least 1,500 hours completed

that are critical in defining this specialty                             he NASP Delegate Assembly voted         the guidelines will encourage quality        on a full-time basis over 1 academic year
and that will serve as the foundation for                               unanimously to endorse a new            experiences, supervision, and support        or on a half-time basis over 2 years.*
a working definition of bilingual school                                 set of best practice guidelines for     during what is universally recognized as         2.2 At least 600 hours of the in-
psychology/psychologist. A bilingual                              school psychology internships at its          a critical period in professional develop-   ternship occur in a “school setting” as
school psychologist must be:                                      meeting in Boston on February 28, 2009.       ment. NASP will be exploring ways to         defined in NASP standards.* Nonschool
                                                                  The guidelines, which were developed as       make the guidelines relevant and helpful     settings that serve children, youth,
  ■   Fluent in at least two languages, one
                                                                  part of the NASP standards revision pro-      to school psychology graduate programs       and families may serve as appropriate
      of which must be English
                                                                  cess, are intended to:                        and field sites.                              internship sites as long as the intern has
  ■   Culturally competent in all the do-
                                                                                                                    The guidelines address four general      already completed or has the opportu-
      mains of practice
                                                                     ■   Promote quality preparation of         aspects of internships, including: prin-     nity to complete at least 600 hours of su-
  ■   Trained on theories of second lan-
                                                                         school psychologists and service       ciples, conceptualization, and manage-       pervised experience in a school setting,
      guage acquisition
                                                                         provision to children, youth, and      ment of the internship; depth, breadth,          2.3 The internship site provides
  ■   Trained on the process of
                                                                         families                               and focus of the internship; supervision,    opportunities for a range of school
                                                                     ■   Foster the internship as an educa-     mentoring, and collaboration; and intern     psychological services consistent with
  ■   Trained on how the process of sec-
                                                                         tional experience involving collabo-   evaluation, feedback, and support. The       NASP Domains of School Psychology
      ond language acquisition and accul-
                                                                         ration between university training     specific guidelines are as follows. Note      Training and Practice,* including varying
      turation affect the learning process
                                                                         programs and internship sites          that an asterisk (*) signifies the exis-      types of assessment linked to interven-
    Be sure to visit the Bilingual School                            ■   Encourage greater consistency in       tence of a corresponding NASP training       tion for academic, behavioral, and social/
Psychology Interest Group Community                                      opportunities and support across in-   standard. The 2000 NASP Standards for        emotional issues; consultation; behavior
at                                       ternship sites                         Training and Field Placement Programs        analysis and intervention; counseling;
default.aspx?g=topics&f=41 to read a                                                                            in School Psychology served as the initial   prevention at varying levels; research
summary of the evaluation feedback                                    The guidelines were developed             base. Modifications in the guidelines         and program evaluation; and other ac-
from the convention meeting and                                   over several years, beginning with an         will be made if/when the corresponding       tivities consistent with NASP standards
to discuss relevant practice issues                               examination of existing NASP train-           standard is revised.                         and deemed appropriate by the field
with colleagues. The Bilingual School                             ing standards (NASP, 2000) and the                                                         site and university program. In order to
Psychology Interest Group invites you                             school psychology internship guide-           I. Principles, Conceptualization, and        ensure breadth of training, activities in
to read more about the interest group,                            lines of some national organizations          Management of the Internship                 no single major function predominates
and to sign up for the Listserv at http://                        and states. Drafts were then developed            1.1 The internship is conceptualized     the intern’s time.                                 with input from various NASP con-             as a culminating training experience* in         2.4 Most of the intern’s time is spent
bilingual.aspx.                                                   stituencies, including NASP volunteer         which the primary focus is on providing      providing direct and indirect psychologi-
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