Longest Trial in Environmental Crimes History Comes to a Close

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					                                              employer.” To help employers
                                              combat these costs, the organi-
                                              zation has launched the
  Industry                                    Healthy Eyes Vision Wellness
  Notes          continued
                                              Program to deliver education-
                                              al and promotional materials
                                                                                                                  To help employers
                                                                                                                  combat medical eye
                                                                                                                  care costs, Prevent
                 from page 40                 that discuss vision well-                                           Blindness America
                                              ness. The free program is                                           launched the
dust, fumes and smoke in their work-          designed to encourage                                               Healthy Eyes Vision
places. Written by 49 experts from across employees to make vision care                                           Wellness Program.
Europe, the report places nanoparticles       a health priority and help to
at the top of the list of substances from     avoid needless healthcare costs related       as streamlined vehicle design, green
which workers need protection. The            to preventable eye diseases. Program          fuels and vehicles with hybrid engines.
forecast also highlights substances likely participants receive a guide on promot-             “The study findings demonstrate that
to cause cancers, such as diesel exhausts. ing vision wellness in the workplace;            [most] organizations are taking steps
The report is found at http://osha            Prevent Blindness America’s Healthy           to reduce carbon emissions,” says
.europa.eu/en/publications/reports/TE Vision Observance calendar; digital                   Accenture’s Jonathan Wright. “However,
3008390ENC_chemical_risks/view.               posters, fact sheets and eye safety news      most are implementing carbon-reduction
                                              updates; vision risk assessment tools;        solutions without understanding their
SAFETY TRAINING                               and a sample vision wellness guide.           carbon footprint and are, therefore,
PureSafety Offers Online                         According to Prevent Blindness, more       unable to measure the real impact those
Training to Volunteers                        than 100 organizations are already par-       solutions are having on their emissions.”
PureSafety is partnering with Nashville       ticipating. To request a Healthy Eyes            To download the World Economic
Area Habitat for Humanity to provide          program kit, contact Prevent Blindness        Forum’s report on the role of logistics
                        free online safety    America at (800) 331-2020 or visit            and transport in reducing supply chain
                        training to all Nash- www.preventblindness.org/wellness.            carbon emissions, visit www.weforum
                        ville, TN-area vol-                                                 .org/pdf/ip/SupplyChainDecarbonizati
                                              TOWER SAFETY                                  on.pdf. To learn more about Accenture’s
                        unteers for the next
                        3 years. Volunteers   Michigan OSHA Approves                        supply chain study, visit www.accenture
                        will have access to   Tower Requirements                            .com/Global/Consulting/Supply_Chain
                        the following         The Michigan Occupational Safety and          _Mgmt/R_and_I/TheStudy.htm.
                        PureSafety courses, Health Administration approved new
                        which cover key       safety requirements to protect workers        ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE
                        safety issues and     on broadcast and communication tow-           Longest Trial in
procedures volunteers need to know and ers. The requirements provide the mini-              Environmental Crimes
follow when working on a Habitat con-         mum protection for Michigan tower
struction site:                               workers when working at heights               History Comes to a Close
   •ladder safety;                            greater than 
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