EPA Announces Action to Prevent Coal Ash Releases by ProQuest


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									                                             than or equal to 500 hp that were con-         well as large direct emitters of greenhouse
                                             structed or reconstructed before Dec. 19,      gases with emissions equal to or greater
                                             2002. To meet the requirements, owners         than a threshold of 25,000 metric tons per
  Rules &                                    and operators of the engines would need        year. Most small businesses would not be
  Regs          continued
                                             to install after-treatment controls, such as
                                             filters or catalysts, to engine exhaust sys-
                                                                                            required to report their emissions because
                                                                                            they fall well below the threshold.
                from page 33                 tems. EPA says the rule would reduce air          The first annual report would be sub-
                                             toxic emissions by 13,000 tons per year        mitted to EPA in 2011 for the calendar
the lowest ever recorded—1.28 fatalities     when fully implemented in 2013. For            year 2010, except for vehicle and engine
per 100 million vehicle miles traveled,      more information, visit www.epa.gov/           manufacturers, which would begin
down from 1.36 in 2007.                      ttn/oarpg/t3fs.html.                           reporting for model year 2011. For more
   According to new data, Michigan has                                                      information on the proposed rule, visit
the highest seatbelt use (97.2%), while                                                     www.epa.gov/climatechange/emissions/
Massachusetts registered the lowest                                                         ghgrulemaking.html.
(66.8%). DOT reports that jurisdictions      OSHA Notifies
with primary seatbelt laws continue to       Workplaces With High                           HEALTH PROTECTION
exhibit higher use rates than those with     Injury & Illness Rates
weaker laws. The report showing 2008                                                        EPA Announces Action to
                                             OSHA has notified more than 13,500
state-by-state seatbelt use is posted at     employers nationwide that their injury         Prevent Coal Ash Releases
www-nrd.nhtsa.dot.gov/Pubs/811106            and illness rates are considerably higher      In response to last year’s massive coal ash
.pdf; the report showing estimated fatali-   than the national average. A letter sent to    spill at a Tennessee Valley Authority facil-
ties in 2008 is found at www-nrd.nhtsa       those employers explained that the noti-       ity in Kingston, TN, EPA has laid out its
.dot.gov/Pubs/811124.pdf.                    fication was intended to encourage them        plan to prevent similar future threats to
                                             to take action to reduce these rates and       human health and the environment. The
ENFORCEMENT                                  improve safety and health conditions in        plan includes measures to gather critical
EPA Delays Effective Date their workplaces. “Our goal is to make                            coal ash impoundment information from
                                             employers aware of their high injury and       electrical utilities nationwide, conduct on-
for SPCC Requirements                                                                       site assessments to determine structural
EPA is delaying the effective date of the    illness rates and to get them to eliminate
                                             hazards in their workplace,” says Acting       integrity and vulnerabilities, order
final rule that amends the Spill Preven-                                                    cleanup and repairs where needed, and
tion, Control and Countermeasure             OSHA Administrator Jordan Barab.
                                                 Employers also received copies of their    develop new regulations for future safety.
(SPCC) regulations issued Dec. 5, 2008, in                                                     EPA has asked electric utilities that
accordance with the memorandum from injury and illness data, along with a list of           have surface impoundments or similar
the Office of Management and Budget          the most frequently cited OSHA stan-
                                                                                            units to provide information about the
titled, “Implementation of Memorandum dards for their specific industry. In the let-        structural integrity of their units. The
Concerning Regulatory
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