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					                                                  in construction. Available for download           resulted in a lawsuit by 13 states to
                                                  at www.osha.gov/Publications/3362                 restore the thresholds and usage to what
                                                  silica-exposures.pdf, the document pro-           they were prior to the 2006 rule.
  Rules &                                         vides information on the effectiveness of            The agency reports that its TRI-ME
  Regs            continued
                                                  various engineering control approaches
                                                  for several kinds of construction opera-
                                                                                                    software and other reporting assistance
                                                                                                    materials are being revised and will be
                  from page 31                    tions and equipment, and contains rec-            available soon. To learn more about TRI,
                                                  ommendations for work practices and               visit www.epa.gov/tri; for questions on
cases that occur across regions; and d)           respiratory protection, as appropriate.           reporting requirements, visit www.epa
identifying and sharing best practices.           Additional information on controlling             .gov/tri/contacts/contacts.htm.
    2) Revise the EEP directive to address        silica exposures in construction is avail-
issues with prior qualifying history and          able at www.osha.gov/SLTC/construc                PUBLIC SAFETY
designation, and to provide specific cri-         tionsilica/index.html.                            DOT Announces Child
teria when national office EEP-alert
memoranda are to be issued.                       TOXIC SUBSTANCES
                                                                                                    Safety Seat Program
    3) Provide formal training on EEP                                                               DOT will create a new consumer pro-
requirements including designation,
                                                  EPA Reinstates Full TRI                           gram to help parents and caregivers find
consideration of related worksite inspec-         Reporting Requirements                            a child seat that fits in their vehicle, and
tions, enhanced enforcement follow-up,   EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson recently                    one of its agencies, National Highway
and enhanced settlement provisions to    signed a final rule to reinstate stricter                  Traffic Safety Administration, is set to
ensure consistent application of EEP     reporting requirements for industrial and                  develop a new side-impact safety stan-
requirements.                            federal facilities that release toxic sub-                 dard for car seats. According to DOT,
    4) Incorporate enhanced settlement   stances that threaten human health and                     side-impact crashes account for one-
provisions in OSHA’s informal settle-    the environment. The final rule reinstates                 third of all highway deaths among chil-
ment template.                           Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) reporting                   dren under age 13.
                                         requirements that were replaced by the
    5) Establish controls for periodic rec-                                                            The new program is the result of an
onciliation of the EEP log to OSHA’s     TRI Burden Reduction Rule in December                      internal DOT review. Beginning with the
data system.                             2006. The 2009 Omnibus Appropriations                      2011 model year, car manufacturers will
    6) Develop and distribute a crosswalkAct, signed by President Obama on                          recommend specific seats in various
to federal OSHA citations for state stan-March 11, 2009, mandated that prior TRI                    price ranges that fit for individual vehi-
dards that have a different coding than  reporting requirements be reestablished.                   cles. Car manufacturers including
federal OSHA standards.                  The changes will apply to all TRI reports                  Nissan and others in Europe already
   The report, “Employers With Report-   due July 1, 2009.                                          provide similar recommendations.
ed Fatalities Were Not Always Properly       TRI is a publicly available EPA data-
                                         base that contains information on toxic                    RESPIRATORY PROTECTION
Identified and Inspected Under OSHA’s
Enhanced Enforcement Program,” is        chemical releases and waste manage-                        OSHA Publishes New
available at www.oig.dol.gov/public/     ment activities reported annually by                       Respiratory Protection
                                         certain industries as well as federal facil-
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