Some Americans Work Hard to Succeed Through Dishonesty by ProQuest


Among the examples he cites are Danny Almonte, the 14-year old pitcher who led his team to the semifinals of the Little League World Series after his coach and father falsified his birth certificate to put him at only 12; White House secret agent E. Howard Hunt, who helped engineer the first Watergate burglary; and Wall Street titan Ivan Boesky, who engaged in illegal insider trading. There are victims when people lose their retirement savings due to corporate corruption, employees steal from employers, copyrighted music is pirated, individuals defraud auto insurance companies, people fail to pay income taxes, school and college students cheat their way up, and athletes use steroids to increase their abilities and deprive fans of legitimate heroes.

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									Some Americans Work Hard to Succeed Through Dishonesty
Angela Lumpkin
Phi Kappa Phi Forum; Summer 2009; 89, 2; Docstoc
pg. 29

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