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                                                               TR 550
                                                               SealMaster’s TR 550 Heated Asphalt
Cimline Asphalt Optimizer                                      Distributor can heat and spray asphalt emulsions, cut-
The 4-ton-capacity Asphalt Optimizer features a die-           backs, rejuvenators, primers and more.
sel fired, self-priming 105,000-btu burner with elec-          • 300,000-btu vapor heat system with push-button ignition
tronic ignition to heat the hopper chamber without               and safety shutoff
applying direct flame.                                         • 7.5-gallon diesel wash down system
• 4-inch tube near the top of the hopper disperses heat        • Standard 5.5-hp Honda engine or optional Yanmar diesel
  throughout the load                                            engine
• 26-gallon fuel tank provides for up to 72 hours of heating   • Electric brakes with safety break-away system
• Digital controller with temperature readout monitors         WRITE IN 43 ON INQUIRY CARD
  temperature in 1° increments
• Tandem torsion axles rated at 15,000 pounds provide a
  lower profile for more stable towing
WRITE IN 41 ON INQUIRY CARD                                    COE Polymer ARIS
                                                               Hot-applied asphalt rubber binder technology is now
                                                               available as an emulsion known as ARIS (Asphalt
                                                               Rubber Interfused System).
                                                               • The base thermoplastic adhesive is prepared in accor-
                                                                 dance with ASTM D 6114-97 wherein a minimum of
                                                                 15%, very fine crumb rubber (100 - 600 mesh) is blended
                                                                 into and reacted with hot asphalt; the Asphalt Rubber is
                                                                 then compounded and emulsified into a smooth, stable,
                                                                 waterborne adhesive
                                                               • Can be formulated as a coating, sealant and/or adhesive
                                                                 which will cure quickly to a non-tracking, water resistant
                                                                 binder or surfacing element
                                                               • Resists oxidative hardening, weathering or mechanical
                                                               • Can also be formulated to cure at non-traditional winter
                                                                 temperatures down to 40°F at night
                                                               WRITE IN 44 ON INQUIRY CARD
Volvo MT2000 and MW500
Milling Machines                                               BOMAG BM 2000 Milling Machine
The MT2000 is a four-track, front-load, half-lane mill-
ing machine, while the MW500 is a four-wheel, rear-            Featuring
loading, utility-
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