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									Ron and Tasra Dawson

                                                                                                                          event dv FEATURE

     n the video world, particularly on         people respond to colors and shapes,        FIRST STEPS
     the event video side, branding is          what is currently in vogue and what is         So now the question becomes, “What
     one of the most challenging areas          not, and the difference between art (aes-   can I do now?”
for many studios. Part of the problem is        thetic and subjective) and design (func-       First, do your homework. Identify
identity. You can’t create a brand until        tional and purposeful).                     the kind of client that you want to
you know who you are and what makes                All these elements go into creating      attract and the kind of companies that
you and your business remarkable.               a brand that will speak to your pro-        you know are successfully attracting
   In this article, we’ll cover some of the     spects. Hiring a professional who has       that type of client. If you’re in the
key areas video producers and any small         experience dealing with these compo-        wedding and event world and you’re
business owners can focus on in order           nents will be a valuable investment in      looking to attract a high-end bride,
to make quick and substantial changes           your business.                              find local photographers, coordinators,
in their approach to branding.                     The value proposition is similar to      or florists who are successfully reaching
                                                the pitch you make to clients for your      that bride and look at their branding.
THE BRANDING EXPERIENCE                         video services: The investment will         Look at their websites, collateral, and
   What is the experience that your             appreciate in value. Done right, it will    position statements. See if you can have
clients have when they work with you?           stand the test of time. Done wrong, it      lunch with one of them and talk with
Have you ever thought through that              will leave you constantly changing and      them about the touchpoints that they
experience from start to finish?                tweaking what you’ve done, which            go through.
   In his book, The Starbucks Experi-           essentially causes you to start over           (Note that there are some companies
ence: 5 Principles for Turning Ordinary         every time in building brand recogni-       that are successful despite their brand-
Into Extraordinary, Dr. Joseph Michelli         tion and value.                             ing, rather than because of it, so you
talks about touchpoints. Touchpoints               That said, we do understand the real-    want to make sure that you are talking
are the various points in your business         ity that small businesses may not be able   with someone who is successful in their
that a prospect or a client will encounter      to invest in a solid branding or design     business and their field and also has a
when doing business with you, from              company. It’s not unheard of to spend       strong sense of branding.)
their first visit to your website to their      $5,000–$20,000 on a branding experi-           Second, there are workshops and
first email inquiry and your response           ence, from websites to cards to creat-      seminars held throughout the year that
to that inquiry to their initial phone          ing a positioning statement and logo        have professionals who address the issue
contact with you or your staff to the           (Figure 1). Even at the $5,000 level,       of branding. You may not have five
in-studio consultation to the experience        there are many small businesses that        grand or more to spend on a branding
you have on the shoot to the way you            don’t have the financial wherewithal        campaign, but maybe you do have $750
deliver the final product (packaging,           to make that happen.                        or even $1,000 to spend in a one or two-
presentation, extras, etc.).                                                                        day workshop with a vendor
   All these different touch-                                                                       who has expertise in that field.
points are the experience-                                                                             Third, do market research.
builders that clients will have                                                                     One assignment Ron gives to
when they are dealing with                                                                          his business coaching clients is
you. It’s important for you to                                                                      to have them go to the mall and
look at every touchpoint in                                                                         look at companies who are
your business and make sure                                                                         reaching the kind of demo-
that it maximizes the desired                                                                       graphic his coaching clients
brand experience you want to                                                                        want to reach. He has them
create for your client.                                                                             look at their logo and typeface
                                                                                                    designs and the experiences
GETTING BRANDED                                                                                     that they are 
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