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  Vocational Rehabilitation (2007)                                                      Occupational Therapy Models for Intervention
  Jain Holmes
                                                                                        with Children and Families (2007)
  Blackwell Publishing Ltd                                                              Sandra Barker Dunbar
  9600 Garsington Road                                                                  Slack Incorporated
  Oxford, UK, OX4 2DQ                                                                   6900 Grove Road
  251 pages; 29.99 pounds                                                               Thorofare, New Jersey
  ISBN: 978-1-4051-3364-7                                                               USA, 08086
                                                                                        199 pages; $55.95 US
  This book provides occupational therapists with an overview of the
                                                                                        ISBN: 978-1-55642-763-3
  many elements necessary to understanding, planning and delivering
  vocational rehabilitation services. It is written from the perspective                This book is a useful reference for paediatric occupational therapists
  of a practitioner and educator, sharing her experiences, strategies                   looking to validate their practice with a greater understanding of
  and resources with other practitioners.                                               theoretical constructs and models of practice. It is well organized.
        In chapter one, author Jain Holmes provides the historical                      Each chapter includes specific learning objectives, an overview of
  backdrop explaining the development of vocational rehabilitation                      the unique aspects of the model, & its application to clinical practice
  services and the legislative and labour market issues that have                       using variety of case studies. A variety of learning activities
  influenced their development. Chapter two highlights the various                      challenge the reader. Charts & tables enhance the material. There is
  elements of a vocational assessment including person-based,                           an additional Instructor’s Manual.
  environmental-based and career-based assessments and chapter                               Sandra Barker Dunbar writes a valuable introductory chapter:
  three describes specific strategies (e.g. mind mapping, SWAT                          “Theory, Frame of Reference and Model: A Differentiation for
  analysis) to assist therapists’ progression from assessment to goal                   Practice Considerations”. I found her description of each of the
  setting and intervention. Chapter four provides an overview of                        three concepts and their differences easy to understand- notable
  intervention strategies to facilitate return to work (e.g. managing                   given the academic nature of the subject.
  health issues, teaching strategies for cognitive and behavioral                            The remainder of the book reviews six different approaches,
  issues and utilizing social services
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